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Catalyst for Change, Leadership by example

Here at Our Health Matters, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2021, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress. Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.

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Fear is the mind-killer- Frank Herbert DUNE

OHM is here to reduce the strain on Mainstream Medical and Mental Health Services. We provide (Oregon) Certified Reiki Healers/Therapeutics, Energy Clearing, and Yoga Nidra, plus 100% legal herbal detox protocols. Educating harm reduction methods, and mindfulness techniques with professional mentoring and support from (OR) Certified Reiki Therapists, Recovery Mentors/ Peer Support Services, CADC, Naturopaths, Ordained Priests of all faiths, Ex and Active Military, public-servants, Dr.'s, Shaman of Ayahuasca (USA), & trained herbalists.


OHM inc provides referrals to outside (State) services such as Lasko Refuge (Sober Living), Hooper Detox, CODA, Integrated Health Clinic, Central City Concern, Sunshine Division, and We love working with like-minded nonprofits and community advocates who specialize in and assist with housing, clothing, and essentials for the homeless and elderly. passes out donated goods during our annual "Pave it Forward" and "Paint it Forward" Events in the Summer. Passing out water during the hottest days throughout the SE Portland community, feeding those and clothing the most vulnerable and elderly during the colder months. We offer Reiki in the Park Every 3rd Saturday @ Laurelhurst park, (see Events page) while offering a sliding scale and essentials donation program for the homeless specifically. (has and) will change recovery and addiction medicine forever. Our Holistic approach will establish better relationships within clinical settings. Providing the utmost care and support for everyone that walks through the doors. Just as the Founder of Reiki focused on the homeless and addicts first, so have we.

Organic Herbal Detox What is this?

Currently, there is not 1, Organic alternative Treatment center dedicated to helping assist/relieve symptoms that arise while detoxing from harmful substances like Alcohol and especially Opioids, Benzodiazepines, and methamphetamines. People can literally die from these detoxifications. We have testified before the OLCC as well as the State senate about the harmful side effects of the misuse of alternative herbs to prove we understand all sides of this light-filled "alternative" as professionals who have paved the way for proper Manufacturing and use of Alternative Herbs.


We never sell products, we display and talk about them, never upselling or even suggestive selling except when asked. We lead by example and denounce all forms of sales, we do need to pay our overhead bills so we can keep offering these services for free to the public. We are 100% donation funded as a bootstrap (startup) currently in fundraising mode. We always give our own testimony when speaking, never claiming anything to be 100% true.

I know that I do not Know -Pythagoras, never at shall you receive any sort of sales energy as to why we won't suggest anything herbal to clients (alt herb products) rather, we allow them to openly ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you... For the effectiveness of our help needs to be respected and not GIVEN away, NEVER DO WE OFFER SAMPLES! All we ask is for the client to truly be genuine and we will help as best as we can.

Every person is helped on an individual basis. We wish more to seek, to open our metaphorical door, and then walk through with an undoubting willingness to achieve success regardless of how often we fail, or however long it takes to get through.


Please, help yourself first before helping others by asking for help, asking for this healing, and place the thoughts of Universal Health and Light first, planted as a seed you unto the healing light, and please, try to be open to Reiki as it has helped millions of people exponentially.


We use "12-steps to Recovery" as a baseline for addiction that is 100% self-paced, and client-based. No one is forced to do anything. We use proven and effective methods that are guaranteed if the client works it. with OHM's holistic healing and mindfulness practices/services.

Our executive director is a Certified Reiki Level 2 Therapist/Healer, Recovery Mentor/Certified Peer Specialist, published author, and Alternative Addiction medicine expert who has over 20 years of (alternative herbal experience producing bulk herbs, manufacturing, sourcing, and product development, and administration of Alternative herbs for many ailments and symptoms. Specializing in product development, and direct administration of these Herbs while educating about the efficacy and laying the foundation, drafting all clinical protocols for proper use without Abuse. Our founder has for the past 5 years successfully administered these alternative herbs as an opioid/ alcohol, detox, and titration helper. Reverend/Sri Yeshua (Joshua) Paul Arnold is an ordained Melchizedek priest (nondenominational) and Divinity coach and ritualist who is an Al-Kader Shriner in Portland, Oregon where he was born and raised. No children and is married to his best friend of 27 years! Joshua has experience with humbled beginnings, experiencing the growth within the mind of severe poverty, blessed and cursed since birth, No mother, long periods of homelessness, and Addiction. His father died at age 12 of a Heroin Overdose, he then dedicated the rest of his Life to help the homeless and Addicts. After his Father died he was Ward of the State and met his Beautiful wife in a Foster home that he stayed. 

Joshua has been through what most have only seen on TV. He has over 12 Years of sobriety now teaching others and mentoring their health and wellness during recovery. He is a Lecturer and Public speaker, published Artist, published musician, poet, Philosopher, Graphic Designer, and Web designer. 

His Father Gary Arnold (RIP) helped start the Neighborhood food and essentials "Gleaners program" called "Birch Community Services Gleaners" in Gresham, OR, which was started at Community Bible Fellowship in SE Portland with Suzanne, Barry Birch (RIP), and Gary Arnold, his father, prior to 1992. Joshua has continuously Volunteered for other nonprofits like gathering signatures for Psilocybin Initiative ip34, and, he is an event planner, organizing fundraisers, community cleanups, and raising funds/donations for private (dying) citizens. 

A society should be judged not by its most elite citizens but rather by how it Treats the Prisoners... -Dostoevsky

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