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440HZ Vs 432 HZ Proof of Sounds Healing Power

For years I have nudged my friends and family about the music and entertainment they listen to and accept as true. Since taking a detour in the professional music Industry (in 2010) I have put a lot of effort forth to teach others the power of the Decibel and the effects of mind-altering waves induced by the Omega HZ.

Music, Life, Love, and Harmony, all play an important role in our daily lives. Some people enjoy hardcore Heavy metal while others enjoy classical music from the past. Why is there such a drastic difference in personality types and music? Well, it has to do with the frequencies that have been universally accepted and tuned into our daily lives. Music can be healing and damaging based on the frequencies that we allow our minds to become open to absorbing. Subliminal messaging starts within the parameters of sound not vocal/larynx sound but audible pitches.

(Question, Why is it that music of Religion whether it be Tibetan, Hindu, Thai, or Orthodox all have the most pleasant tones? This all has to do with 432HZ and the sound of the ancients was literally a sound that is now almost deceased. We must resurrect the 432 HZ and give back the power to the people!) Music and color are universal if created with Bright colors and soothing tones. Dark colors portray negativity in all cultures as it is the same with music. Music has negative ranges just as all walks of life are calloused with much yin and the same amount of yang. Yin may be more noticeable to some as this is what protects us from making the same mistakes twice. Why do we continue to make the same mistakes with music? Now that the teachers have shown us the truth it is now up to the listener to apply common sense.

Let's go back to when Mozart reigned as a composer. Move forward a bit and imagine sitting in one of Beethoven's live concerts! The sound you would have heard from these composers would have been different from that same musical composition today. Tuning forks were taught/enforced/encouraged to be tuned and enforced by the Music Commission in 1885. Ever since gradually increasing HZ until 440 was established as a tone that all pianos in the world would agree to be tuned to. That's why when you visit China the piano emits the same frequency. We have been surrounded by control since before we were born. The hidden agendas slowly bleed through our canvas like the crappy watered-down ink we call life and life in music. All of the G7 have agreed that control on all levels should be established and Psychology ops are the greatest weapon for controlling the eternal souls of man.

Since 432 Hz was described in mathematics as consistent with the fractals/patterns in the universe. Mimicking the same Golden ratio as described in Greek philosophy. "Phi". We see that nature has time, and time has shown us how to live. Nature produces these same fractals in Nautilus shells as well as has been used by the ancient Egyptians in building the pyramids. 432 HZ has been called the Beat of Earth. Anything between 432HZ and 440HZ is influential to the 3rd eye. Different HZ affect different Chakras.

If you can control the mind you can control the heart. These variables in pitches strongly influence the Chakra of the Heart, which in some controls morality, reason, and doubt, as does the mind process these modes of thought into action. If we can control the mind we control the heart and if we control the heart we control the mind. Most sound is tuned within the frequencies of 3rd eye influence instead of being beautiful and influencing the heart. Mozart recorded at the Heart decibel 432.

Mind you there is nothing damaging about these Hz in small amounts and especially if we are aware of the powerful forces music contains. Listening to music too loudly is always damaging especially when tuned to 440Hz (which everything is). What is damaging is the 440HZ’s vibration. The purpose of healing music Aka the “Almighty Ohm” has been destroyed as the words that are inserted and recorded at 440HZ will sink in even deeper (subliminally) into the mind, dismantling cells through vibration as they destroy healthy cells. We (willingly) invite this destruction as we listen to entertainment/sound, unaware of the intent within messaging, and this all happens without our approval even. The 3rd eye HZ ratio influences this beautiful mind we have been gifted and we are constantly allowing ourselves to become controlled by what we think is entertaining and “cool” however these psychological devices implant messages of false truth into our subconscious to arise later in our beliefs and actions. Violence may occur even if implanted into weaker minds as triggers. These triggers can be implanted and activated when played as why some songs we hear that were programmed at a bad time in our life create negative reactions, we just don’t wish to hear it even if it may be a hit. The psychology of memory within sound and smell is the strongest recall we have as humans.

So why would they change the universal pitch for the note "A" on the common piano in 1885? Well, first think of what time this came into play. There was a big Industry boom around that time. The world needed (and needs) more WORKERS! The ever-changing increase in HZ (since 1885) now comes in 1940. Rockefeller Foundation rediscovered the pitch 440HZ and described 440HZ as "sinister and evil". (the Rockefeller Foundation...)

Everything we have been taught as truth described as loving is actually not entirely true. Love is as Love does… Truth is in the eye of the beholder is it not? 440HZ influences a specific Chakra, (the 3rd eye) which was categorized by the Rockefellers as being overtly easy to open with 440HZ. (This was done with testing and scientists proving it so.) Therefore, the agenda is to place many hidden messages within the body of sound.

Poof! Magically the recipients have succumbed to mind control, willingly. Rockefellers proved that 440HZ over a long period of time is easier to weaponize in order to instigate and create disease and disrupt healthy cells by breaking them down with negative vibrations. Intensive studies have proven to disrupt, disharmonize, and create disunity by using sound. Sound waves have been used in war at the lowest decibel, disengaging the person with their own circadian rhythm and digestion all triggered by a sound emitted at a high pitch and at the lowest decibel, barely noticeable to the human ear.

After World War 2 we humans realized it was easier to control people when psychology was applied (For de Fuhrer Quote Alan Cross). We have been in the age of Psy-ops for over a hundred years. When are the people going to demand a change? The truth is here, what we can do about it is educate others and dismantle the system by ignoring their teachings and clicking the box 432Hz instead of 440hz when we choose to record as electronic engineers and musicians.

Next time you think about the music you are listening to please remember that the majority of music is recorded in 440HZ. If you don't believe me that 432 HZ is safer on the ear and system well, please listen for yourself. I have included a link to an article that talks about all of what I just said here. This is an article by Alan Cross at Global

So now think about Enya, Think about Gregorian Monks chanting and Tibetan Prayer Bowls for meditation... This specific vibration is a tone/HZ and was harnessed to heal not damage (Mantra chanting has been used for centuries in many countries). Think now about how disruptive Rock Music truly is in comparison to Classical (I Love Journey, Sturgill Simpson, & Metallica Btw, I am not knocking rock, maybe Ska tho...). Classical music was created before the 432-440 switch. Music used to be far more healing and therefore the people who listened were also healed and happy beings of light, spreading light. There was not as much Mental health disparity nor crime as now back when 432Hz was the common theme.

440HZ has created a disruption as it degrades and separates us literally. Music should be soothing to everyone's ear, not just a select few. How we are raised and what we listen to strongly affects our mental stability, friendliness, cleanliness, and creative thought patterns of positivity. One cannot be positive if one is drowning out positive vibrations with negative ones, can they?

I suggest taking the 440HZ challenge by clicking the link above and also reading his article below. Please be cautious about everything you allow to influence you. If you are just listening to the music and not the words I pray you will find solace within the growth of self and discover how we are being controlled to buy things and accept negativity as okay based on the messages we consider acceptable, the leaders we look up to, and entertainment we accept as truth.

Nothing was worse for me than to hear the N-word in rap music songs when they were playing in my head. The lyrics we take in as ok and the things we accept as Ok will seriously damage our system over time. Not to mention (most) music seems to single out crowds rather than bring folks together this is just my observation. That's why I never have chosen a specific sound that I call my own. When you name me, you negate me… I always feel the music for what it is rather than what I expect music to be. I know about HZ quality vs. inequality based on my engineering expertise. I have been experiencing the wrong music for my entirety and now I try and use 432 HZ when I need to heal naturally, seeking out 432 HZ (without realization) after I abandoned the spotlight.

I imagine most who are reading this have also sought out some light music if they prefer faster-paced, House, Techno, Rock/Metal, or Hip-hop music. I feel true music appreciation includes all soothing tones regardless of artist or genre in my opinion. We search for lighter music because it heals us. Let's all try opening our Sacral Heart Chakra instead of complying with Rockefeller's plan of disunity. Please be cautious of all you ingest and accept as true. May the light guide all of my brothers and sisters forever and ever.

I know that I do not know- Pythagoras

Here is one of my favorite Gregorian Monk chants "O Filie et Fillia" (link below in blue)

note to producers: Remember producers, you have the choice to click 440hz recording mode or 432 at recording parameter setup when adding tracks to an armed device. Please remember how impactful 440Hz is on the mind and choose to click the 432Hz option in order to reduce mental blockage. Especially if you are recording heavy metal or loud music that is meant to be ear-piercing when heard live.

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