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Ancient Kratom (continued)What is Aether/Ether?

Ever wonder why Bruce Lee was such a badass? How about Energy in general? Universal Energy is something that Science has just begun to study/touch. Without proof it doesn't exist, right? WRONG! We look into the past and are once again brought to the Upanishads. The ancient manuscripts depict life and creation.

When we think of Ether we think of Synergy (the energy that surrounds us). Ether is extremely influential to vibrations. Our vibrations are what assimilate these aethers to become workable in our lives.

Think of the average Yogi/monk, They meditate a lot right? Why would someone dedicate so much time to silence? Well, when we are silent we are able to awake to interpret these ethers. With action comes reward which stimulates one to repeat actions. Someone who has lived a selfless life and has focused on their abilities to go inward has acknowledged these aethers as workable tools for their daily practices. Once someone has experienced light and then had it removed will tell you meditation is the key ingredient to staying positive and in control. Outside sources influence us if we are unable to determine between the two. Distractions are extremely common. Life is not set up for us to be enlightened, unfortunately. Having the ability to observe rather than control our desires forces our subconscious to work with these aethers as the creator intended.

Aether is knowledge in Light form. All knowledge is in constant motion throughout the galaxy. The reflecting ethers we absorb allow us to predict and acknowledge based on awareness. Education does not make one smart it only contributes to intelligence. Intelligence is acquired and defined by so many differentials. We will talk about mostly Reflecting Aether today. The aether that tells on us and allows spirits to see our intent based on our past actions. Our aether is recorded astrally and able to be viewed by select enlightened entities.

According to Rosicrucian concepts (which are derived from the Upanishad teachings) these are the 4 Aethers.

Think of an Egg, We are the yolk, and Aether is the surrounding energies AKA cytoplasm/Egg white. The shell is/contains the universe.

  • the "Chemical Ether": both positive and negative in manifestation and it is related to the assimilation and excretion processes;

  • the "Life Ether": has also a positive and negative pole and it is related to the forces of propagation;

  • the "Light Ether": the positive pole is related to forces that generate blood heat in the higher species of animals and in the human being and the negative is related to the forces which operate through the senses (passive functions of sight, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling);

  • the "Reflective Ether": the medium through which thought makes an impression upon the human brain and this ether contains pictures that work as reflections of the Memory of Nature found at the World of Thought.

According to Upanishads, the 4 Ethers are fed to the World via the Sacred Cow. The same Goddess that Kratom was named after "Kamadahenu." Planted throughout the sacred city by Shiva and Krishna. Upanishads and ancient scripts depict the sacred herb as an aether stimulant/invocation. The sacred cow was the "wish granter" of the Upanishads. Using Kratom will allow one to tap into these Aethers most likely. There was a purpose as to why the Hindus worshipped this plant as a sacred medicine, not a food. It has incredible potential to tap into the unknowns based on its mystical properties found within the active ingredients which are unidentified to science at this time.

Connecting with Aether is extremely important for health and wellness. Hindus believe that sickness/illness is caused by bad vibrations from negative ethers. Healing self is healing the Chakra, each Chakra is stimulated to open by a specific tone. Tibetan bowls are created to stimulate these specific tones and open all Chakras. Expanding access to Aether by meditation and using stone placement also helps increase awareness. Intoning/vibrating certain words also help to initiate Aether actuation. There are many ways to open each Chakra and even more ways to close them. Keeping ourselves open is the goal. Vibrating at a frequency that initiates growth and healing rather than destruction. All Aether plays a vital role in the formation of the soul and life's work/ path. Each branch we climb sets us farther from our path or closer to the light.

Constant affiliation with Heavy metals and Even Heavy metal music can lower Aether induction rates. All music is tuned to influence the 3rd eye chakra at 432Hz and directly simulates the same tone as a Tibetan Prayer bowl. 3rd eye influential music creates patterns of thought, these energies are then audibly implanted via subconscious programming. The negativity we absorb is like a sponge around our organs increasing or decreasing Aether intake/absorption.

Energy is the most transparent and non-identifiable element that allows us to connect or deflect. We are drawn to those with similar energies based on how the Universe works. We wonder why we are always in bad relationships yet, we fail to see our own reflection. We want Love yet are unable to give Love to others. Receiving life's gifts without return will leave Aether's dry. Acknowledging the energy that surrounds us is difficult in the first place. One has to believe in alternate forces at work. One has to have done a lot of research to prove these theories to be true. Science cannot measure things that cannot be quantified. This does not mean that said "Aether" is non-existent. It just means that Faith is a huge determinant in revealing these aethers to the observer. Energy is eternal and forever unlike science...

Aether guides us and keeps us in alignment with the Great work. Each Aether has a crucial role here in the world of materialism. Each Serpent we carry binds us to the earth for longer periods or assists us with our personal evolution. These Four ethers are constantly in motion throughout the Universe. Here on Earth all planets, colors, and locations play important roles in the assimilation of enhanced aether absorption and utilization. The more we deny our material needs the more we are able to allow our evolutional spiral to travel onward and upward. Connecting with our creator and being introduced further into the great mysteries of life.

Phree-Messen AKA "Child of Light."

Light is the source of all Aethers. Each color of aether is connected to a Force within the 4 Worlds of Creation. The Sephirot on the Tree of Life describes these forces in detail as well as their influential Arch Angels and Hebrew letter affiliation. Each Cardinal direction is influential to a specific Archangel, each Hebrew letter has a specific numeral and meaning. All contribute to the awareness of the unknowns. Learning the Kabbalah helps teach creation and explains the world of creation and the tree of life forces.

One day you may have the role of ArchAngel... These entities are playing on if not "the greatest role established within all creation." The role of Archangel is no different from the Role of a Grand Master in a Lodge. A grand Master distributes the Light to the candidates/ Masons. Each role is played by the participant and said participant denounces their ego and absorbs/invokes the role of Archangel for a period of time/epoch. When we die, we are going to become helpers of the great work. Life is the act of denying materialism. (This is my personal interpretation based on research and my own aether absorption.) When we expand consciousness by asking the right questions, we may identify with the creator's creations and instantly learn. Just as the world was created in a flash of emanations that created the 4 worlds that we are all a part of. Knowledge is sometimes attained in this fashion. To know is stronger than just to believe. To believe is a great start unto knowing.

Most humans only see Life and death, Most are unable to grasp all of the other aspects of the universes at play within our own. We think we interpret, and then the logos appear (words). Thoughts that turn into words. Where do they come from? What causes these to become real? How do we vibrate things into existence without effort or thought? Yet, deny ourselves the willpower furnished by/of the gods. Aether is an extremely crucial element when it comes to creation and thought formation. All thoughts are not just pulled they are planted... We tap into each other's reflecting ethers all of the time unknowingly.

We travel back in time and remember that most of Jesus's miracles, were also followed with magical words, actions, and intent. Jesus was the best teacher and active participant in the mysteries, and also a true reiki healer. He was a Carpenter, but nowhere in the Bible does it say he was actually working with wood... He was a builder of the higher realms. We see that in Genesis the word was God and God was the Word. The power of vibration brings life to the Aether.

We are all capable of moving mountains yet we strive to ever play in our own circles of comfort. Ignoring the challenges that we are supposed to be seeking. Ignorance can be pure bliss, but, to those who are on the path of "The Great Work." We see such pain and sorrow masked within the search for earthly materialism/possessions.

How can someone say they "Know" without proof? Well, how did we become introduced to most myths and fables? How can our Ancient brethren begin to write these manuscripts that are still being studied to this day (Upanishads)? How can we accept a Yogi's interpretation as truth? We accept them as truth based on how thoughts and ideas connect when we absorb them from the teacher. Also, we reflect on our own experiences and understandings. Credibility is extremely influential when teaching is considered. Without ultimate respect for knowledge and our elders, we cannot fully learn from our teachers. As they translated the Bible there were also discrepancies that arose and were solved with prayer and meditation while reflecting on the aethers at work.

Most people think the Pyramids of Giza were unfinished because they didn't have a completed top point. What if the top was supposed to be unfinished? What were the Pyramids used for in the first place? We don't truly know but if we ask someone who has reflected upon this via deep meditation for years, we conclude that the Pyramids were used for ceremonies. The pyramid shape is the greatest conductor of Aether. Tetragrammaton is the unpronounceable name of God also (ironically not). The Pyramid with 4 sides is a most beautiful creation that is underappreciated for its strength and Aetherical harnessing abilities.

The Great Pyramids of Giza were completely finished. The Pyramid was officially completed once a HUMAN stood atop the Pyramid. The Pyramid's stones atop are still moved as they are still used to this day. If you look at photos (throughout all time) you will see the stones atop the Pyramid have been replaced and moved multiple times and are never in perfect alignment. The Alignment of these Pyramids is evident in the constellation of Orion. Our supposed place of Origin is Orion to some scholars.

How can we know something to be true when no evidence is presented?

It's actually quite simple and relates back to the topic of faith. Faith is the most important aspect when it comes to introductions to the unknown. We must always have good intentions when seeking mystic repasts of the ancients. We must identify true darkness and acknowledge all forms of creation, respecting pain as we respect love and joy in order for spiritual advancement. Acceptance of the unknown allows us to travel further amongst our astral teachers when we dream. Most do not acknowledge how important sleep is and are unaware that there are many teachers helping us as we slumber in our beds. There is a whole process of aetherical actions that take place when we are sleeping. Getting a good night's rest is extremely crucial for overall wellness and the evolution of self. To identify truth is to see actions. Those ancient priests and Monks were able to open their 3rd eye and in return were influenced by other realms and dimensions. Each Priest or Monk had actions that were produced regularly to prove their solidarity within the credibility of the unknown. Some even worked miracles like the Canonized saints, Jesus Christ. History repeats itself back to Apophis and Typhon in the Land of Ra and comforted by beautiful ISIS and sustained by her son Horace (the resurrected). The Great resurrection takes place again and again throughout history and ends in our most Recent Christ Era.

Once we all accept Aether as truth we will be able to share and tap into each other's strengths and help with weaknesses. Helping one another as we are awake is how we will attain enlightenment when we sleep, slowly dissolving the ego and producing unexpected acts of selfless beauty. Remember with great light comes an equal shadow. We must remain MAAT, this means never tipping to one side or the other, yin and yang must always be equally balanced as the Egyptian Book of The Dead says.

We are all water and water is programmable (remember Dr. Emoto's water study.) We are all affected by the water we ingest. We are able to program this water as we set our intentions. Each word we vibrate can strengthen absorption or decrease connectivity. Chakras are most important to keep open at all times for when the planets align, different entities release special formulations that interact with our higher selves. All of these influence the rate of Aether absorption/induction. Water intake is essential to Aether's influence. Bruce Lee died from too much water new studies say. Even he was not privy to too much of a good thing...

Self-talk, meditation, and prayer are the best ways to connect with the earth in order to connect with the Aether and creator. Meditation is difficult if distracted and we must remember practice makes perfect. Learning about the hidden energies allows us to use them at our will. Once we are able to respect the unknown the unknown will bless us with its strength.

Decreasing the amount of sugar, and especially meat will increase our bodies' ability to absorb aether. Vegetables and fruit, nuts, and grains should be our main sources of nutrition. Avoiding heavy medications, and zero alcohol/ mind-altering substances will help with aether absorption/connectivity. It is not necessary to kill anything when we are blessed with so many alternatives. Substances have been used ceremonially for centuries. There is always a time and a place for the organics that the Creator put here for us to use.

Abel was a shepherd in the Bible, it does not say he ever killed any animals in that good book...

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