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Does your Doctor care about your health and wellness?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Take two of these and call me in the AM...

Have you ever felt your Doctor had zero compassion and even less time for you? Do you feel your Doctor does not have your best interest at heart, based on how many drugs you are on? Perhaps your having more side effects from said drugs and are needing a second opinion on your suffering? Does your doctor have a plan for your healing and closure of services?

Lots of people in the United States answer yes to at least one of these questions. All answer NO to the last one... If you or your Doctor are not on the same page entirely then it's time to find a better source for healing. Real Doctors are not trying to see you as often as possible. They want your health to improve and stay that way.

Sadly, most Western medicine prescribers are paid by lobbyists to push pharmaceuticals that are paid for by these manufacturers. Incentives are paid to doctors who choose to push these protocols over actual healing. Most medicine is "maintenance" and does not stimulate any healing whatsoever. Everything ending in "itis" may be healed with anti-inflammatory that occurs/grow naturally in nature. The most common ailment in America being diabetes and these unfortunate souls are being sold a drug that costs an arm and leg (no pun intended) as well will not heal them like medicines out there in existence that are natural/Organically grown in nature. Please assess the situation you or your loved ones are in regarding your PC. (Kratom has been proven to put diabetes into remission btw...)

One cannot walk anywhere in SE Portland without running into a homeless camp. My wife and I have been focusing on helping the underprivileged for over a decade-plus now. Helping in as many ways as possible when I can such as Socks, food, toilet paper gift bags, shoe, jackets, essentials. The most effective method for reaching someone is talking with them and providing moments of clarity for them via disclosure of my own experiences. Building a rapport is the most crucial element that is underused and overlooked within mainstream medical.

My wife and I have always taken a knee to the homeless because we were also homeless. I (especially) was for quite some time after my father passed from heroin overdose when I was age 12 (and then again for 2 years 1.5 decades later). The homeless population cannot control their place in life nor the fact they are suffering from mental instability, this is based on their lack of support, support being the element (like fire) which in turn creates said stability.

Mental illness leads to substance abuse, which leads to even more mental issues. Some have conditioned themselves to be completely independent based on how others have used them time and time again, pretending to be helpful only to be stabbed in the back later. Life on the streets is not forgiving and extremely unbiased (just like addiction does not have biases). Homelessness can be similar to being incarcerated based on the torment and pain that one must endure on a daily basis just to eat and find a spot to sleep. Building relationships are extremely difficult for those who have difficulty accepting love based on their own experiences with people. Most homeless and mentally unstable have a big wall up. Establishing a rapport will take multiple introductions via positive conditioning. Pavlovian conditioning through active listening and motivational interviewing is the most crucial tool(s) that a Recovery mentor can utilize when trying to reach a new client.

Each person has a tendency to deny help over and over again based on this lack of trust. Most homeless people I talk to claim to be very scared of the people at night. I will quote one of them; "Graffiti writers who ride skateboards" as they are extremely violent and will attack for no reason when out and about. Skaters doing this are most likely the Antifa (type) also known as local terrorists setting I.C.E. on fire repeatedly night after night in Downtown PDX. These skaters are most likely also homeless and responsible for 90% of the Graffiti we see. Bragging is something these people do without much stimulation. Most of these homeless (in their tents) have their needles surrounding their areas of residence, spray cans, and paint bucket everywhere. It's very obvious what is happening based on evidence left at these camps. (We will offer needle exchange and more pickups at such type of locations as well coach on decreasing risky behaviors while sharing resources, making appointments with caseworkers or detox, as well assist with sober living admittance.)

Fear is the mind-killer- Frank Herbert DUNE

Spoiled trust will disintegrate a person's drive even faster than depression. Depression is a side effect of being homeless, and addiction, hunger, health issues, and many other caveats are determinants of having homes to stay in. Safety in numbers is something that is very rare on the street based on how much these people hurt one another in order to stay alive day-to-day. Most suffer from habits such as IV heroin or alcoholism and most use methamphetamines to stay up and not be "attacked by the night men", and the majority of them are also alcoholics/addicts who just don't care and normally will not take another humans safety or feelings into consideration. Being a functioning member/ part of society is the farthest thing on most homeless person's minds. Stealing and lying is a way of survival. Since no one cares for them they feel they shouldn't care either. Repeating this pattern of negativity all the way down the line throughout generations of homeless in Portland, OR. Resulting in incarceration most often, and even worse, death.

I ask everyone I meet "what it is that's keeping them down in life." "Why is that you are homeless I ask?" The most common response is that "I just got out of jail" (2 years ago...) Excuse after excuse, thinking error after thinking error... Most suffer from an inability, to be honest with themselves and others. They are on odd hours and cannot sleep comfortably or eat regularly. Most don't even know what the services are in Oregon that they are qualified for.

Usually, we tell them about Central City Concern, and then I kindly explain to them how many people I have helped get into housing. Gently wording my statements so that I may seem inviting and not demanding. I try to share that I feel that my success came with a choice first. That choice was repeated by more positive choices. Each choice I made was leading to a reward in my mind because it was rewarding to have trust and I did not have to use substances to stay sane. I look them in their eyes, deep into their soul, and speak slowly and firmly at the times when I really wish to be heard. I disclose that it took a desire to want more from life, and in order for change to take shape I had to reach out for help.

It's very difficult to truly reach these people, but when they do listen it's priceless. Explaining Hooper Detox, where it's located, and even explaining the process of intake takes time. Most who truly want change will cohere to your energy and words. So will the opportunistic that just wish for a handout... So, reading energy is extremely crucial for any street-style recovery mentorship approach. Most addicts and homeless do not have identification, and showing up for appointments is far and few based on these providers' location, lack of money, transportation, and lack of drive/ hours of availability that allow the user to function. These are all caveats for success being homeless. Throw in a drug habit or alcoholism/gambling habit and the percentage of success goes down 50% every time you add one of these caveats. Each person who has hit this rock bottom needs the proper support to get back onto his or her feet.

When I begin my totem for success it's after I have allowed them to fully vent and I also initiate/ utilize this moment to share when the topic goes astray. When establishing rapport it's always in relation to showing empathy, as I explain my scenario about how I was also homeless and Ward of the State of Oregon at a very young age (12 years old). I explain how the system has helped me stay healthy by providing me with Oregon health plan insurance. I explain how great Hooper was to me even though I had to go through Hooper 8 times to get it right. Central City Concern is a great outlet for change and support as long as you show up and put effort forth. I try to explain how busy workers/people are and that closed mouths do not get fed.

How we present our needs determines the help we will get. Quality help in a public healthcare facility is very rare based on how stressed and overworked/ underpaid these workers are. Most healthcare workers are burnt out by year 3 and if they are not motivated it is extremely transparent. Nurses in Recovery Clinics administering titration and maintenance products are trained to keep upselling/pushing more products most nurses never looking the client in the eyes and if they do it's with disgust (most of the time), energy being transparent, energy being the sole determinant for these damaged souls to protect themselves, identifying even the slightest negativity based on the body language can detour one from establishing a rapport. Clients need to feel safe and comfortable/accepted the entire visit/time you spend with them or them with you. The homeless people and underprivileged have a greater ability to read energy based on energy being the only precursor to trouble. Reading energy is something almost all people utilize subconsciously (without realization).

Most people who have never experienced homelessness or severe poverty will not be able to read energy like these damaged souls. Fight or flight mode is always turned on in these humans who really just need support to feed their self-worth. We all need to feel accepted and a sense of belonging. That's called being human... Fight or flight mode creates intolerable amounts of cortisol to become the most readily available chemical/hormone. Cortisol is the stress hormone that we create most when we sleep. That's why most people wake up and don't feel too great. Well, imagine not ever having a good night's sleep and always being alert? That would drain a person really fast. The side effects from insomnia resulting in severe organ failure, disease, cancer, broken bones, acne, MERSA, Scabies, and worst of all, lack of energy/drive. Resulting in a vegetative, depressed state of uncertainty that is filled with depressing sorrow, confusion, fear, and lack of self-worth. Resulting in a self-medicated, downward spiral of substance abuse disorder(s) that grows rapidly while unleashing its terrible cornucopia of darkened emotion and physical distress to all spiritual and physical life cells. Add some alcohol and drugs for a few months and even more health issues arise as the person becomes even more mentally unstable. (I'm sure you get the cycle of homelessness but, I will go on because we all need to keep seeing this.) The person then becomes so isolated from people they are literally running from imaginary beings, hallucinating the majority of the waking cycle and never comprehending much reality at all. The meth they have been doing is not usually "meth" all of the time, as these drugs are cut with "unknowns" containing some really foul additives like bath salts and other carcinogens that people add, knowingly, just to hurt others, as they feel others deserve to feel the pain that they were dealt. Ripping off someone is a way of life as a street survivor. They see all of these business people walking around with their phones in their faces (ignoring them).

Why we can't at least acknowledge them as humans, well, who knows? We all do it, and we must not just turn our noses to their existence based on their creed. We must take action for we are all guilty even me. I have ignored many people that needed help and were less fortunate. A two-minute chat is priceless. It's even more effective when you keep coming back and acknowledging them. Building a rapport is most crucial and what we specialize in at American Kratom Services Inc. we must NEVER forget addiction has no biases, most who suffer from addiction are incapable of being honest with themselves... We are all addicted to something, in some way, shape, or form, are we not?

(Back to John and Jane Doe...)

After years of self-isolation, insanity has taken its toll. Without serious psychological help, this person will not recover. Our system was built to push out and ignore these struggling souls based on the "chicken coop" mentality all seem to struggle with adapting, and evolving away from. Primitive thinking has lead most to ignore these common factors of wellness. We look around and we see needs that are not met in our community. Rather than doing something, we complain to the government (or on social media) asking/expecting them to clean it up. Sadly, more citizens of status are not recognizing problems affecting them and "choosing" to assist with common goals and needs. Sadly, most do not understand what it's going to take, but, if we wish to get back to the way things were (before 2009) we need to take it way back, at least back to the way things were in Shantytown, 1930's Portland, OR. Give them space, give them supplies, allow them common resources, and please hire willing people to help and monitor. Rewarding good behavior will have its own ripple effect. Leading by example will become the catalysts for change...

Remember... If these people are not helped soon they will keep destroying our communities, (along with themselves). As they choose to disintegrate internally they have chosen to explode and destroy externally. We see this and turn our heads, walk in other directions, or move location entirely. Ignorance is the most blissful thing that most have become accustomed to accepting. True loving-kindness comes forth as we exert said loving kindness to all of our community. Helping those in need takes only a few people in each area leading by example as others will soon follow these new fads of revelation. Consistency is the most crucial element for the execution of a serene environment. Establishing rapport being the ultimate pillar of the foundation holding up actions that follow.

Think about this... In communities of 150 people there would never be a person struggling as we see. We cannot give up on those who are struggling because they are different. We must remember that they are a part of us. We represent them, yet, we ignore them constantly, and yet, they are not going anywhere and we are all connected as despair represents us based on lack of action. We must not be surprised when our community is in shambles based on how most observed and took no action. As they destroy our businesses and steal our packages off our porches while tagging filth on our walls and personal property with no regards. We sit back and complain yet do nothing about it... It's time for a change!

Remember... These people have no understanding of the truth. Most chose to stop learning as they feel knowledge already blessed them... They are lost and confused, making a choice daily to stay that way. All the lost need is a little guidance. IS THE MAP FOR SURVIVAL! Those who choose to judge someone based on their actions are just protecting themselves. We say we don't judge yet, we are all doing it based on how it keeps us safe and our family safe. We must not judge so harshly as we are also to be judged later... We must all act as independent leaders for change, becoming that change and leading by example. Showing others the light is all we may be responsible for, our actions are ours, not theirs... Becoming slaves to our emotions shuts us off from healing and I am also guilty of doing this at times. Emotions only help so much and anger, that only goes so far, most of the time cutting our arms off and destroying the bridge Shiva built as we were are mere servants in life trying to build as many bridges as possible in the first place.

I pray for better leadership, and that more people will focus on building teams for change. That these teams may have the greatest impact on our future. Instead of death being the outcome for John and Jane Doe, why don't we pay it forward with the resource that is abundant, and readily available to us? This nonprofit is the catalyst for change that we need to see during such an epidemic. We deny it's an epidemic yet addiction and mental health trauma have reached almost every household in the USA and world, hasn't it?

When it's time to take action we listen! American Kratom Services inc. We have finally released (some) nonprofit services to the public. Currently, we are not at a designated location as we currently serve at our client's location. Later on (phase 2) we will have a location. These services will cater to the Homeless, addiction, and mental health sectors in Portland, OR. This nonprofit will serve SE Portland's growing epidemic regarding substance abuse, addressing detox, titration from Kratom and addictive substances of all type, certified council, training, as well as monitored (holistic) substance/product administration for titration and maintenance regarding opioid, alcohol, methamphetamines, crack/cocaine, Research chemicals, THC, Kratom, Tobacco, Food, sugar, and any other addictive behaviors. Mental health, dual diagnoses are always accepted! We are at our trial phase currently. All are encouraged to send us an email to get involved via volunteer work, resource sharing, referrals, product donations, and or financial contributions. Please send us an email:

Our team of consultants will consist of Certified Peer Mentors (OHA) Certified Recovery mentors (OHA), LCSW, CADC, Naturopaths, Holistic herbalists, therapists, nurses, and Dr.'s. Our environment (phase 5) will be similar to most recovery, and sober living centers. The difference is, that we will utilize Mitragynine as a replacement for opioids as well use Mitragynine products for titration and maintenance for pain management, replacing most commonly used medicines with and in addition to Suboxone and methadone recovery/addiction, maintenance, and mental health stabilization /maintenance.

We currently are working with state legislation, senate and state representatives, OLCC, and ODA to establish proper protocols and educational materials for other clinics to utilize. Education via training is always something that will need to be precise and without any biases or hidden marketing ploys. We are very closely involved with the monitoring of proposed House Bill 2646, as well as, Psilocybin ip34 volunteer/reps. Our company has been helping thousands for over twenty-three years now, our nonprofit will be entirely separate.

Each client will be given a daily regimen of Heavy metal-free, lab grade, water-soluble, lab-tested 90%+ Kratom extract tinctures/products, along with support and education for titration at a later date. Each client will be given a risk assessment number upon intake to assess their determinants for health via this intake, and a treatment plan (TX plan) will be drafted upon intake. Each client's treatment plan will be reviewed monthly and progress will be documented and rewarded by council/staff. All of our staff has experience working with addicts suffering from dual diagnosis, loss of family, homelessness, and addiction/alcoholism. Each client's needs are assessed on an individual basis and each client's treatment plans will be based on their ability to cope/manage titrations and everyday stressors.

Groups... We will teach many groups (every day) ranging from Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Tai Chi, and silent meditation. Community cleanup/involvement for level 2 participants. Each level system will come with rewards. Clients all start at level 1 and are given opportunities to prove themselves in order to achieve a higher level/status within the program. Each level comes with more responsibility. Each client will be given the opportunity to participate in vocational training and we will apply this training with hands-on experience. Our monitoring systems will be set in place via peer-2-peer reporting/monitoring. This allows others to take accountability based on others' input. Peer-2-Peer monitoring allows our system to interact less with clients and conflicts will be facilitated via mediation from within their peer-2-peer groups without involving staff.

We will offer AA and NA-style groups that will be run by alumni and select clients. Featured guests will be common. Our program will (eventually) be maintained (mostly) by volunteers/clients who have proven their worth and climbed the level system. Creating new clinics in each neighborhood of need as soon as growth has been achieved.

Needle exchange, as well as Detox beds/support, ER opioid overdose naloxone administration, and training for the public. Harm reduction, risk assessments, and mindfulness classes will be taught every day and individual counselors will be given to each client that wishes to have one (upon intake). Council/ groups are not a requirement for attendance, but, intake assessments are. American Kratom Services Inc. is an Abstinence-based/ Client-based recovery program. Abstinence is the focal aspect of our totem/theme and overall goals for the participants. We feel that support is needed at all times within the addiction/recovery community. Our nonprofit owners have over 20+ years of experience serving the community direct.

Our nonprofit will lead the recovery/addiction, Pain management, and holistic, therapeutical, clinical, and mainstream medical communities. The most important element within our protocols is transparency. Everything we do comes with documented proof regarding results, COA's on all finished products (that follow the Oregon Kratom consumer protection guidelines outlined in proposed House bill 2646). Our protocols have been drafted by clinical leaders who understand alternative herbs professionally. Licensed experts looking to fuel change within state programs, using alternative herbs in replacement or addition to the most commonly used medicines. Our protocols will be used by other states once we have proven effective in Oregon.

Located in SE Portland, OR, serving all of PDX. We will refer clients to outside support if we feel they need more help than we can provide. The most damaged souls will be accepted into our program as long as they show a desire to change. Each client has an individual story, therefore, they will be given individual treatment plans that stimulate change based on the client's ability to cope with said changes.

This Nonprofit will be funded by donations from local businesses, concerned families, other organizations, and businesses from afar. Everything donated goes to our client's needs and everything we accumulate (financially) goes directly back into our program. Everything documented for the public view. We will spend most funds on education and recovery products, staff, location, utilities, and supplies, marketing comes last as we will focus on the word of mouth referral.

Donations from sponsors will be given first priority on neighborhood pay-it-forward clean-ups. We will cater to each sponsor's targeted areas around their shops/businesses. Mentoring each homeless and addicted person unto finding the support they need to get off the streets and living a productive life again. Each sponsee will be given a guarantee that we will generate the stated results and clean up target sectors to the best of our ability (without giving up) once donations are made. We will sell a stamp that will pay for our services and provide this stamp as said certification for the stores/businesses to display. This stamp will prove to others that this person/business supports local nonprofits dedicated to improving community health and wellness. Sponsees will be given advertisement space on our website as well we will promote their business on our stores and platforms, live event shoutouts and social media posts representing them as supporting community activists who believe in our program. The stamp is proof they have put their money where their mouth is by paying it forward utilizing our companies services (in benefit and reward for their business and community at the same time). This stamp is the symbolic proof of leadership by example. The stamp showing others how they may also lead by example, helping others and the homeless/ minorities with the support and needs they are lacking to live a healthier life.

We will refer to outside sources and also have connections to sober living housing if patients need a tad more supervision and support. Helping each person until they physically get their housing, food stamps, clothing vouchers, etc. All persons who wish to participate in our program will not be turned down unless they are violent and or extremely uncooperative.

Programs like this are nonexistent at the moment. What we are trying to accomplish at will change recovery and addiction medicine forever. Our Holistic approach will establish better relationships within clinical settings. Providing the utmost care and support for everyone that walks through the doors. I hope we can help someone you love. Thank you for your time,

Joshua Paul Arnold (CRM/CPS)

Executive Director AKS


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