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Heavy Metal Buildup/Toxicity Vs kratom Powder and the importance of Extracts (Heavy Metal Free)

Since the beginning, we have been testing the competition's quality in comparison to our own.

Heavy metal Buildup/toxicity is something extremely relevant to any Powder kratom user. Why is this important you may ask? Well, It's simple...

1996 was the year the United States passed the bill to begin decreasing Lead deposits into the air that cause arsenic and Lead to buildup in the soil. Over time this will cause plants to absorb these metals as Nature's way of cleaning/filtering. The result is our fruits, vegetables and even cannabis were containing large amounts of lead just from the fuel we use.

Lead content was reduced by 90 percent in the US as of January 1, 1986, and ten years later, leaded gas was completely banned for on-road ...1996.

Indonesia is a 2nd/3rd world country that does not identify these measures we have taken. The fuel used currently overseas is leaded. Thus causing the same air pollution and soil complications as we experienced in the USA. Sadly, there are no laws to govern what type of fuel is used where our beloved plant is being sourced.

What does this mean for you? Well, let's first identify some common symptoms that occur with Heavy metal toxicity. Second, From personal experience... I experienced extreme pain. loss of appetite, and all of the symptoms listed below before I sought out help. Sadly, Western medicine doesn't even identify that Mercury Fillings are lethal. Without going to a Naturopath (Joe Graffeo) I would have never identified the root of my poisoning. I mean I was so sick. I couldn't move from bed four days out of the week. I had severe acne over my entire body. I mean severe like over two hundred whiteheads at a time face arms back you name it there was a pimple there waiting to be popped. My kidneys were shutting down along with my liver next. I was taught that our bodies run best at a certain PH 7.35-7.45 which is very alkaline and zero acidic. I was advised to monitor my PH by buying a roll of litmus paper. I bit into litmus paper every morning to see where my PH was. At the same time, I was using Organic supplements that were heavy metal-free to heal my organs. I found out I was allergic to dairy and when I stopped drinking milk oh man most of the acne was gone. Also, Now I had that Mercury's tooth removed also. When I went to the Dr./Dentist they showed me what nuclear activity was going on inside my mouth. I had to find a specialist who did this and was referred by Dr. Graffeo. Every time I bit down I would release arsenic/nuclear gas into my bloodstream. Mercury-filled teeth are required to be removed if one goes thru chemo of the head/face also. I know this based on my stepmother having it done. If you are experiencing heavy metal toxicity here are the symptoms:

What are the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning?

  • diarrhea.

  • nausea.

  • abdominal pain.

  • vomiting.

  • shortness of breath.

  • tingling in your hands and feet.

  • chills.

And many more like severe acne and inability to move/lack of drive. No motivation and severe depression.

I warn all kratom users about Heavy metal buildup toxicity every day multiple times a day. Sometimes it can be confusing what our bodies are asking for and so Kratom use can be the go-to for so many reasons. It saddens me that more people do not educate themselves on how toxic this powder is in its raw form. Without heavy metal remediation, the client will eventually experience troubleshooting and hardships with their use. Administering more to receive the same feeling as before. Rather than taking three or at least two days off when tolerance is occurring. The fact there is more than the daily allocated amounts of Lead, Mercury, and Arsenic than is approved "safe" by the FDA concerns us @ikratom. There are so many heavy metals in Kratom powder it is something I never ever have used since I had options.

We must utilize the options available for decreasing symptoms and increasing bioavailability. When protocols are followed this will never happen. Most Heavy Powder kratom users tend to become dependent on this powder and then have a hard time titrating down based on the lack of self-discipline required to titrate healthily. Some users identify with the heavy metal buildup based on their experiences with testing powders as well. Those users know that any lab-grade alkaloid with heavy metal removed is the safest product to use if you plan on using Kratom every day.

Please be cautious about where you are sourcing from and ask for an updated Heavy metals COA so you can see for yourself how much bad most powder users are eating on a regular basis. There are so many minimal things that add up to serious toxicity. Irritability is the first sign that you may have too much metal in your system... Please be cautious when administering any nonprescribed product that you can find at a corner store. Always know that what you pay for is what you'll get...

Zkittlez sublingual and MU Alpha Gold products are the only product we have seen success when used every day. If you plan on using Kratom every day. These are personal testimony recommendations that we have witnessed from experience selling for over 2 years the Zkittlez spray/sublingual.

Why wait for activation time? Immediate response/activation with sublingual/ikratom mist spray. Flavored for your enjoyment. Made from 72% alkaloids. Lab-tested, mother-approved. This is the best product for decreasing any cravings. This product was formulated to save time and act as an immediate relief for those desiring Kratom effects that are the cleanest in the market. heavy-metal free is a bold statement that we stand behind 100% with our satisfaction guarantee. Not one company has come close to the education and delivery we provide. The MU ALPHA Gold products will never disappoint based on the highest quality we source that is always consistent 100% of the time. Full-spectrum alkaloids extracted 100% hydrocarbon free and solventless. Organic extraction and methodology has brought nature back where it was lost/spoiled overseas. Problem solution to your healthier tomorrow/living. Our extracts are top-of-the-line pharmaceutical grade, water-soluble.

For more detailed information on our artisan kratom sublingual please email us @

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