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How to lower your Kratom tolerance and Detox from Heavy Metal Buildup

If you have not read our article about Heavy metal buildup versus Kratom powder please educate yourself here https://www.linkedin.com

Today we are discussing Kratom tolerance and heavy metal buildup. The reaction the system has with Kratom Powders, in general, is something all consumers must be aware of. First off I must add that a Shaman saved my life, A naturopath showed me the light and I was dying from heavy metal toxicity. Literally in bed 5 days a week without any energy. Sleeping during summer was something I had never done and it gradually grew as a problem that was a bit difficult to truly pinpoint based on how I was so young. My liver and kidneys were failing and my guts were at a dull roar (sometimes excruciating). I always hurt all day. I spent thousands on a naturopath who showed me how to cleanse my system after getting the problem solved. This problem was shown to me (visually) by a dentist. My mercury-filled tooth was leaking directly into my bloodstream and was able to be read on a thermonuclear visual monitor showing me every time, I bit down how I was releasing toxic gas equivalent to nuclear radiation, directly into my bloodstream. Depositing liquid death into my entire lymphatic system, organs, and brain. Everywhere blood and fluid flowed I was saturated with mercury and arsenic.

Kratom powder contains Mercury, Lead, and Arsenic sometimes. Those who didn't read the article please note that Kratom is grown in a third world (non-regulated by the FDA) environment. Leaded fuel is their (kratom farmers in the tropics) #1 and only source of gasoline used to fuel all cars, trucks, etc. Polluting toxins into the air while plants absorb this and deposit it into their leaf which are then picked and shipped overseas to eat by consumers unknowing how bad the environment truly is. This is based on these vendors not supplying full panel Certificates of analysis with their powder products. Updated per batch and containing warnings that this product can cause cancer and death if warning signs are not treated properly. I had to have my mercury filling removed instead of losing my life. I was acne-ridden all over my entire body and face mostly (based on how my liver/kidneys were shutting down) I couldn't bear to go out in public based on how negativity ruled me as toxins flowed through the lifeblood and light marrow needed to feel good.

Naturopaths aren't always right. The shaman was the one who told me to stop drinking milk. The naturopath referred me to someone who could show me the toxic tooth and remove it while educating me on how harmful heavy metals truly are for the system based on my own life-changing experiences. The naturopath did not know I was allergic to milk and that made my acne worse. Once I stopped doing dairy entirely and purged my system of heavy metals (using remedies I paid a lot for that I will reveal now) I felt cured. This article contains over $4,000 worth of experiences, hardships, and unforgettable learning experiences/ trips to the naturopath. I was getting adjusted every other day also to help the healing process. Naturopath and Shaman must work together in the future to provide the best results produced by nature's finest. May my demise be your gain, my finances supporting all who choose to open their minds in relation to this same situation.

The cheapest and most effective way to lower tolerance from using Kratom powders is to never use Kratom powders in the first place. When starting to experiment with kratom, use extracts that are liquid and heavy metal-free, microdose products that are not containing heavy metals, and always the same potency & consistency. Kratom truly works very well for beginners if they use a spray of the mist or just half a liquid single serving tincture 120mg, Our 500MG crown (found by emailing us at is an extract, heavy metal-free, all flavored and contain electrolytes and MAOI (acting with the extract as additional absorption catalysts). Kratom is a miraculous (salt) alkaloid with a shorter half-life in extract and liquid form than powders. This is based on the purity and lack of the system purging of heavy metals.

Kratom tolerance happens very fast with Kratom use based on it being a salt. Unlike CBD being a double diol alcohol molecule Kratom is entirely different on the periodic table. This salt can disappear and tolerance can decrease if not used daily. Most people using Kratom powders have a hard time not using them daily, based on all of the receptors they have created to fill. Our brains are amazing storage tanks and filtering devices. There is also too much of a good thing. Please use Kratom wisely and never every day. Kratom should be used as a helper/crutch because pain is essential for growth. If using every day for severe pain Kratom extracts are the purest and safest form of Kratom product based on the lack of heavy metals and consistency within ikratomlife's potency.

Just like psilocybin, we purge toxins when feeling "high" using kratom, this "high" is a combo of mitragynine converting to 7-hydroxy naturally or most likely just the system purging heavy metals. Kratom powder users report a more (noticeable) pleasurable effect/high with Kratom powder that they do not get with extracts. Unfortunately, that is the system ridding itself of toxicity. Thus that "high" is actually caused by the system purging heavy metals and additives the body doesn't need or like. Thus creating a sort of more "noticeable" (pleasurable) experience when ingesting only Kratom powder. Kratom leaf powder customers will have a harder time getting down on their dose once setting it above 5 grams per serving.

Kratom extracts are by far the safest Kratom product to start on based on their being water-soluble, pharma grade, and the cleanest mitragynine experience that is still full spectrum. Containing all 7 alkaloids present in the Kratom leaf (only cleaner) and is not as harmful if used long-term. Not as many side effects are created from long-term use of Kratom extracts either and based on the way we manufacture/establish our servings it's hard to overdo as Kratom powders can. Kratom powder heavy metal buildup and tolerance can be lessened, here's how...

It cost around 3-5$ at your local supermarket, Walmart, or pharmacy. The product you need is called "magnesium Citrate". This is literally going to clean your entire system of all its nutrients so please use supplements like multivitamins and yogurt afterward to improve and restore your vital bacteria for producing and processing nutrients. This Magnesium citrate is a liquid bottle of about 8-10 ozs. I buy the one with the orange label but any will do. It will be bitter but palatable. Make sure to drink a lot of water with it. Do this on a weekend and do not plan on doing anything that weekend. Here's what to expect:

Diarrhea, bloating, gas, lots of trips to the bathroom. Some people have a great time with this and others have no results and need to do the entire bottle. Starting with 1/3 of the bottle drink 12 oz of water and let sit for a good 30 minutes. Then start drinking your water and don't eat anything but bread or saltines if you have to eat something. No fruit, no citrus, no spicy, nothing but bland, oats o bread should be the most you should ever eat, but fasting is this method of detox, fasting means zero food. When ingesting foods your body is not focusing on detox rather you're telling your system to absorb. (This needs to be something you remember for max results.) Drink water and eat bread. walk around and get the blood moving to stimulate digestion. Drinking a gallon of water minimum throughout the two-day detox. Eating minimally throughout the first day and eating normally the second day with another gallon of water. If you don't expel lots of feces then you should try round two next weekend. This is not a pleasurable experience but it's the cheapest by far and the most effective (and healthiest) way to detox from heavy metals. Water is the second most crucial element when doing this safe heavy metal detox. You can do this every three months or every month if you are taking additional supplements.

Remember there are dozens of herbs that can be used to alleviate stress from internal organs. Ask me about other herbs that you may wish to incorporate into your daily supplement routine. This Magnesium citrate detox has been used by professionals across the globe for a long time. Email us at

Remember Kratom Powder is latent with Heavy metals and is one of the most highly toxic substances you can put into your body, this is based on a lack of education and regulations. Heavy metals alone exceed safe amounts per daily suggestions from the FDA.

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