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Kratom Consumption: The importance of water

Kratom, Kratom, wherefore art thou Kratom. Shall Thy glory be unattainable to thee, or shall I release thy bind with thy OHM almighty...

Why should we discuss Water? Well, First off Water is essential for bodily functions. 85% of Homosapien is h2o. Water is essential to replace when adding stimulants to your daily regimen of supplements. Mitragynine. The energy alkaloid is what users are seeking when ingesting Kratom and also is the most readily available/ prominent active ingredient found within the Kratom Leaf (Mitragyna speciosa).

Kratom, Kadamba/Mitragyna Stipulosa, Mitragyna Speciosa AKA Kratom is a Sister tree to the Coffee family but that does not mean Kratom is anything like coffee. Kratom may be a sedative to users with low tolerance to opioids. Some users will find that a small amount makes them drowsy and they feel a tad sedated just as they would on an opiate. This feeling only lasts for a short period of time and goes away. The overall effect is a pain-free experience that to some is not comfortable or acceptable to use as a functional supplement. Most who want a nonsedative experience from Kratom are already using large amounts of opioids or benzodiazepines. Beginners: BE CAUTIOUS!

"The beginner" Kratom user is always going to need to start using microdoses (low amounts) to set their brain's tolerance low and feel the effects without ANY sedation whatsoever. Beginners who say that Kratom doesn't work for them haven't given it a real chance. Just because one person suggests a dose that works for them does not mean it will be the same for a beginner with differentials within the parameters of their PH, mood, etc etc etc. So many different caveats for absorption also affect and effect "the beginner" and experienced users. The heavy metal buildup is one of the most important elements that is underlooked and unspoken about. Addiction is second. We are not here to talk about these today only the importance of water.

Water is essential if you wish for Kratom to properly convert in the liver to 7-hydroxy. 7-hydroxy is the least active readily available ingredient found in Kratom leaf powder/extract, capsules, and liquids. It is best described as pain relief with minor sedation properties similar to opioids but is NOT an opioid. It's an opioid antagonist/agonist. True Unadulterated Kratom extracts, powders or liquids CAN NOT and WILL NOT create a dirty UA for opiates.

Water is essential as Mitragynine is the most readily active ingredient. The stimulating effects that most users feel are from Mitragynine. Mitragynine will convert into the liver (based on TRUE pain) not mental pain or just feeling bad, but rather TRUE pain. The pain that the body needs to filter out to function. True pain is acknowledged by the brain and system then converts amounts of mitragynine into 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Creating a euphoric, relaxed effect for those who have not built a tolerance and use Kratom as it is intended.

Water purges faster from the Kratom user's system just as it does with Coffee drinkers. Kratom may dehydrate you if you're not intaking large amounts of water. Some people have reported getting rash from bad Kratom/misuse. The body can become allergic to something it has too much of overnight.

Kratom is not caffeine but can be caffeine-like. The user needs to have a good idea of how much to use and that will determine how they will feel. Kratom colors and strains are all being marketing ploys. The active ingredient found in Kratom is the energy alkaloids mitragynine, this goes for all packaged Kratom products on shelves and online. It's all mitragynine. In different shapes nope, different forms, no, different quality yes! way lesser quality. The things you find heavily promoted are heavily saturated with 1. Additives or 2. it's a watered-down herb containing clay and dye. Nothing truly Organic about Kratom and so the Heavy metals MUST be purged from the kratom users system more often than a coffee consumer. IF one does both oh its very pertinent to consume large amounts of water throughout the day. Kratom is a stimulant that will create hair loss based on heavy metal consumption (I've seen this happen multiple times). Water will deter this from happening and allow your organs relief as well. Purging heavy metals will create a feeling as well. Perhaps some who buy Kratom regularly are already experiencing heavy metal buildup? If this is so please read our blogs on how to detox from heavy metals at home @ This (Heavy Metal Buildup) is not a topic to be taken lightly, especially if you are a daily Kratom user or have a plan to become one. Nobody plans on becoming dependent on anything, this will happen faster if we are to be calling it a portion of food, Mislabeling equals mis-consumption equals tolerance which is Kratom Abuse. Tolerance/ Abuse can and will happen with Kratom if self-discipline is not strongly initiated from the beginning. That is why we feel Kratom should be monitored by the state and at the least, vendors more. At the same time, it's a beautiful thing to self-administer. If the consumer is aware of ALL of the side effects and coached on how to avoid dependency issues. We will have our future of Mitragyna Speciosa. It's not such a beautiful thing at the moment. Unfortunately, now we have a lot of uneducated vendors upselling a product that should be treated like an SSRI and pain management medicine. Keyword "medicine...

Drink plenty of water if you are using Kratom regimens in your life (for the dozens of ailments it alleviates). Please remember that water will save you money by allowing your system the ease of processing with its tank on full. Water is what fuels oxygen to reach the brain, it's what helps us digest our kratom as well it's what helps push it around. Our whole existence is based on the consumption of water. Please keep your filters clear with the highest quality Mitragyna Speciosa, use extracts that are heavy metal free as those extracts are the safest Kratom product in the market, and please remember. to ALWAYS consume large amounts of h2o when using Kratom products.

When consuming or choosing Kratom remember: heavy metal-free options are the only safe way to consume Kratom daily. If you are using Kratom daily and NOT drinking a gallon of water every other day, I hope you will research Heavy metal buildup. It's best to take care now than run into problems later. Please read out other Blog articles to help better diagnose yourself of heavy metal buildup.

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