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Kratom Vs PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A common side effect of active Military service. Most who have witnessed/participated in war may be affected by this mind-altering disease called PTSD. PTSD is one of the most debilitating diseases that can rule one's life. Imagine being unable to function in everyday life because you cannot cope with the damage one has caused to their neural network. Forced to constantly re-live the same traumatic experiences (again and again) stimulated by (mundane) outside triggers. PTSD can be the most definite way to define insanity without being diagnosed as insane.

Note: I am not a Dr. or medical provider. These statements are testimony of experience from a licensed professional. This article is a personal testimony and does not claim to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or ailment. Kratom is/may be addictive. Kratom is not a portion of food either as stated in the KCPA bill.

Relationships will disintegrate if PTSD is not assessed and treated using mindfulness techniques, as meds/Kratom will just be a helper. Kratom should never be used without an experienced professional, therapist, or therapeutic partner to help them along their healing process. (Kratom Vendors do not qualify as certified unless they are actually certified by their state) Self-administration of any substance can become overwhelming based on a lack of self-discipline. The feelings one gets from using Kratom can detour one from focusing on why they are taking Kratom in the first place. Maintenance Kratom use (daily use) is completely normal for severe PTSD patients. As long as proper regimens and protocols are followed PTSD patients may see better results from using Kratom than any other Benzo or anti-anxiety medication available to date. We do not recommend using Kratom powder products daily as they contain heavy metals.

"How much Kratom should I use if nothing else works and I am sick of using Meds/Benzo's," I am asked this question a lot. Well, Never ever start titration without telling your Dr. first. If your Dr. does not support your decision it's time to find one that does. Using Kratom to titrate from Benzos is extremely difficult and not suggested. One may use Kratom to begin titration with a certified treatment plan in place that is followed to the T if choosing to go that route. If one decides to quit using their meds altogether it can cause displacement of the mind for the long term, hallucinations, seizures, and even death.

The problem with titration using Kratom is that Kratom is also addictive and may cause more problems down the road. Kratom should only be used if no other medication is being taken. There can be many side effects from using western meds and an herb that contains natural ingredients (10%) unknown to science.

Kratom vs PTSD means that Kratom can be an amazing thing for increased drive and replenishment of the soul and mind via the connection we re-establish using Kratom. Kratom reconnects the vital body with the dense body. If you are on Benzos and are having difficulty titrating we would love to assist with your safe completion of total cessation from said anxiety medications. We can assist the entire time as we never give up (even if a relapse happens, relapse is a part of recovery) We wish for YOU to find the safest alternative to debilitating medications that are doing more harm than good. (Try looking into Psilocybin protocols as well as Psilocybin is very effective for PTSD.)

PTSD vs Kratom means that Kratom may allow you to maintain while psilocybin will heal. There are many ways to overcome severe PTSD and I guarantee that if one is open to the use of Kratom in replacement of or in addition to the most commonly used anxiety meds then they will have taken the best approach to the start and end. It is possible to overcome withdrawal symptoms, It is possible to feel better every day while using kratom to establish a stronger bridge to get there.

Remember why we served in the first place. To serve means to give ourselves fully. When we focus on ourselves (post-service) only then we have missed our true calling. Please all remember the oath you took and remember why we have PTSD. The gifts we are given for the pain we've caused only allow us to grow to help fuel the change we need in the USA. Mistakes happen to build leaders. The things we have done overseas may never ever be anything more than learning experiences and we must not beat ourselves up over war and chaos, as war is chaos in its most definitive form, presented to look like business. We must not think of the harm we caused rather learn from our daemons and move on in life, forgiving ourselves as we turn the other cheek. We only have 4 cheeks mind you and once self-respect is restored we will be able to take the hidden reigns our holy chariot provides and mentally seek what we were meant to find from our experiences in life that were/are fueled by the pain and strife. Remember, God does not want us Happy he wants us strong...

Think of ways to overcome the western pull and dependency that arises from prescription pills. We must free ourselves from the bonds of restriction and induce the role of self-administered shamanism. We must all acknowledge the tools of the lesser evil and remember #mybodymytemple means no one can tell YOU how to, or how much to medicate with. Please remember you may be the first and last impression of what Kratom truly details and that representation may save someone or send them running. Please remember that this product was sent at a time when it was needed most. The timing of Kratom products is even more on point as we now have Kratom protocols and leaders with certification to teach titration using Kratom. The protocols we draft and follow are what set us apart from the rest of Kratom's vendors. We are not here to mislead or upsell. We don't promote anything but our sales and new products. We never push or lie about strains. We provide the safest alternatives to what is most commonly used in hopes that other vendors may choose to also start telling truth about the addictiveness and exact strain marketing ploys used by 99% of vendors.

Kratom vs PTSD means sticking with heavy metal-free products, not store-bought stuff. We are not discrediting store-bought, but stores know very little about what they sell and 99% will not provide updated COAS nor have the sourcing capacity or abilities we do overseas. Nor do they talk about Heavy metal buildup or provide products without heavy metals. Sincerely, we are truly here to help all and we must announce that anyone talking to their doctor about using Kratom will be told they need to pick one or the other.

Word to the wise. At this time in medical mainstream medicine, there is nothing but upset and negativity surrounding kratom use based on its conflict with so many medications. We are not doctors but have a lot of experience with medication conflict/side effects regarding kratom use.

Kratom Vs. PTSD = the approach to a common cure, and that is a bold statement I know but true. When Kratom is used with the proper council (they truly connect with) only then will progress truly bud to fruition. Know them by their fruit. Know that real advice should not be sold but told. Real products are supported by real scientist who cares about the harmful effects of Heavy metal buildup and addiction. No one wants to be lied to and once people start calling kratom a Food then it leads to dependency and lawsuits to the state after studies prove it is actually harmful (in the near future).

Kratom should never be taken without someone watching and advising. It's such a new product most are taking it to the next level without even realizing it. Kratom is extremely addictive if self-discipline is null. Void any lack of dependency once you start using it daily also and watch that tolerance climb as your dose regimens increase. One who wishes to truly benefit from this product will NEVER USE KRATOM EVERY DAY!

Most who suffer from PTSD are not able to function 24/7 and go to work without at least one situation coming up in a day that triggers them. Think about the pain you had before you started using medication... Debilitation can be a healer as that's why we are wanting to isolate. Our minds need to process pain and store it outside of our immediate subconscious. That's why we keep reliving our trauma. Fight or flight is extremely hard to turn off once initiated to be used to survive daily. Fight or flight was not meant to be stimulated all day, but, for the entire time, we were on our service missions it was. Active duty means active adrenaline, especially when in an active war zone as an active participant. Fight or flight is why we struggle (still) in the states. The triggers we are unable to identify keep creeping up until we are able to cast light on these shadows. Remember we are very bright lights as we represented and served our country. Our light casts even darker shadows. Our demons are trying to teach us these negative things that we see as our subconscious is only trying to be re-processed and re-submitted for mental storage on a positive note.

We would love to help you confront your fears and help you with stabilization along the way. (Ask us about our titration packages)

Once you feel you are ready the teacher is here waiting for you. I pray for all of my servicemen and women may find peace and solace for the rest of their days. May we all learn from our trauma and begin to process said trauma in a positive manner. May we all become closer to the light we seek and may all who have debilitative conditions truly find help with inner growth. may the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and all aethers guide us along the life path, and may the holy trinity keep projecting and protecting that love we so desperately seek and need in our journey.

Eyes on the prize, no pain no gain, onward and upward, onward and upward.

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