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OHM MAMA CARE ACT: 1 PBJ & Refreshments Sponsored by Chobani, Unrealsnacks, Lime scooter, & CVS

12/25/2022 @ Laurelhurst Park. The main street, in between the Pond and Tennis Courts/basketball courts. Please RSVP if you wish to help us serve. We will be using our company truck to visit hard-to-reach locations we frequent. Sponsored by #Chobani #CVS #Unrealsnacks #limescooter

We are organizing another OHM MAMA CARE ACT in Portland Oregon. This event will take place 12/25/2022 @ Laurelhurst Park main street between the pond and tennis courts. We will use the company truck to visit locations which we frequent feeding the elderly and neediest homeless.

Please donate your used Outdoor Equipment. We will arrange a pickup in Portland, Oregon. This event will also offer Free #PortlandReiki healings.

Please RSVP if you wish to volunteer or donate used clothing or outdoor equipment. We document everything we do so you can see where your stuff went. Our nonprofit is dedicated to helping the neediest and most vulnerable elderly homeless. We will be passing out snacks and PBJ sack lunches. Sponsored by #Chobani #unrealsnacks #CVS #limescooter

Thank you SPONSORS you are the butter to our bread. We cherish all that you have done to pay it forward and lead by example as the catalyst for change.

text 971.808.7091 or email

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