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Pave it Forward 2022 (Results) Sponsored by CHOBANI

What a Fabulous expedition that our solo rider made across the Columbia River Basin and throughout SE Portland, Oregon #paveitforward2022 Sponsored by #Chobani. is able to make a great impact on the road we pave spiritually and mentally through the physical experiences we set through the intentions we implement with these exercises. This ride for 2 years now has paved way for great mindfulness experiences as this venture is not a light one. We had 100% silence as we rode throughout the Basin and were able to observe the most amazingly beautiful display of creation through this nature-guided bike ride.

We shared with locals our nonprofit goals as we visited a Coffee shop in Troutdale on Stark street called"Stark Street Espresso," they have the most magnificent Hawaiian blend hazelnut, house coffee, and warm, smiling faces that greeted me with an unbias welcome and selfless gestures of newfound friendship. Check out Stark Street Espresso if you are in Troutdale, they are awesome people.

Along our path, we were able to observe lots of trash that had been tossed over the side of the Basin along the Sandy River. felt the need to perhaps come back and climb down and free the plastics that were blocking the view from above. It was just a thought, someone has to do it, and not too many will volunteer for this sort of dangerous work.'s President personally enjoys any sort of physical or mental challenge regarding the mind and senses. This trash we observed, again and again, being tossed over the side of the Basin gave us a metaphorical mental footing toward a new goal that we will be working on in the future. "Plant it Forward 2023" Trees planted, Trash removed, Connections established, hearts healed. We will advocate and raise funds and sponsors to help collect this trash and hand out more donations to the elderly needy. To erase litter in the woods and along the scenic Highway in particular. Stark St. Scenic Highway is an ancient traveling route that we should cherish as a sacred extension to the mountainous regions of Mt. Hood.

Mindfulness through Action, the action-less, path of action... Setting intentions is called Sankalpa, We set this intention and use them as the sole purpose of our ride. To set intentions with selfless servitude is our goal in mind while riding. We give praise for all that we have been given and set our goals for the next fiscal year. We thank all who have passed and the Ancestry guiding and supporting us beyond the veil. We give praise and attention to all who suffer from Mental Health and take silent oaths to lessen the burden on others' mental health disparities through our leadership by example, sending Reiki and Kind words to strangers, acknowledging their existence, and sending energy toward the betterment of our Greater Portland, Oregon environment is the great aim we have in view. Together we practice works of service, establishing trust and leading by example.

Thank you once again @ CHOBANI for sponsoring our event. This has been a blessing for us to use these Chobani Coupons to approach the homeless and show that we are here to help. The Bike ride was fueled by Chobani as the energy of paving it forward was set when Chobani blessed us (again) with their continued support. Thank you CHOBANI (and Kroger) we shall never forget who believed in us first! Thank you so much, Private Citizens, Aunt Jan, and Private small businesses who donated the amounts they did to the Ashley Halterman fund! (Link to Ashley Halterman Fund below highlighted)

We look forward to finding more sponsors for next year's ride. We will make it a shorter ride this next year perhaps and start at Troutdale and head to Hood River from there. Looking forward to this event most as it is such a great challenge for the riders. Come bring an electric bike, scooter, or motorcycle we can all ride together regardless of the body's capability/capacity to go 60+ miles. Participants may reduce the entire ride to 20 miles when starting in Troutdale @ Lewis and Clark recreation park.

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