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Please Help Ashley Halterman

Ashley has been suffering from Cancer for 10 years, Fighting hard. She has finally lost the battle and after a couple of tumors being removed from her brain, it has spread everywhere. She has maybe a day to live.

Ashley Halterman is 33 years old, Her nonverbal autistic son is 5. She will be leaving a lifelong childhood love also that is her Husband Kevin Halterman.

We hope that you may donate $5 at least to help this family as they are most in need and WILL NOT ASK FOR HELP! My wife babysat and changed her diapers when she was an infant, not only that but this beautiful girl babysat for my wife when she and I were first dating. I would not be with my wife without her assistance. Everyone is connected, think of Ashley as if ishe were your own wife, daughter, or cousin...

She is literally on her last days in Hospice now. This is an updated link to her page to donate.

Please give $ or donate goods we can pick up in PDX, as they owe $100K plus in bills and Kevin needs to figure things out without stress. Please help by NOT eating out for food once this week and please, give that $ to them, as Ashley Halterman has only a day to live and is in Hospice now at Legacy.

Thank you all

in fellowship President (Joshua Paul Arnold)

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