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Psilocybin: Learning Vs tripping and how to ask Questions, Kundalini and Yoga Nidra

Perhaps we have forgotten our history? We must never forget the Upanishads. These are the oldest written documents regarding spirituality and how to attain Nirvana aka Heaven on earth.

Let's travel to the time of Siddartha. Those who are unaware of Siddartha. Let's summarize his life in a few sentences. I apologize to Siddartha as this is not even remotely fair to the role he has contributed towards the Great work. Siddartha was a Monk, turned businessman, then returned to a monk. The lessons Siddartha learned within his life are taught by Nature more so than the Buddha taught him.

My interpretation is: Life is a grain of sand, how we light (see) that grain of sand is the determinant/judgmental finality of our outlook upon said grain. We can overlook the beauty of this grain of sand and toss it aside and say we saw sand. Or we can truly dive into where sand originated, what is sand's purpose and how did this particular grain of sand end up in my awareness? Only when we take the eye of the creator may we truly appreciate all creations. We must NOT seek to gain knowledge by experience seeking. We must gain knowledge by traveling within rather than taking a vacation from our comfort zone. Experience seeking is great like a movie is but without a moral in the said movie what have we learned? Life is about experiences and moments. When we seek to look upon new experiences as we do entertainment we miss 80% of the lesson based on us being in our bubble of comfort. We learn more when we are challenged do we not? New things are essential for learning but the purpose of evolution is advancement, not degradation. We should always be striving to move forward within our confines of spiritual limitations. Seeking knowledge and wisdom thru experience is essential but how we set our intentions from the beginning determines the outcome. Preparation being the key to any profession or expertise. Practice makes perfect is not just a saying it's the most real reality ever summoned into existence. The beginning of existence began with the logos. the word. our word being our motivator of self. We discredit the power of words and then rely on the same power every day to fulfill our needs and desires.

Think about traveling and how stressful travel can become if plans are not fully tuned and precisely coordinated. If you've already traveled to that destination your mind is aware of the layout. Just like meditation is the trip we take, when we visit a lot we understand the layout and how to attune ourselves to experience rather than just trying. Trying is a part of becoming as we do we shall become, without doing we cannot become. Our trips can be a catastrophe in unknown lands if we do not take the proper precautions prior to flight. The same thing goes with Yoga Nidra and Kundalini. Our preparations in this life are extremely purposeful for the next. The things on earth are only a distraction to those that are above. We must learn to set aside time to reteach ourselves how to communicate with higher beings of intellect including our higher selves.

We cannot seek experiences of enlightenment as we will not truly learn from said experiences. The entertained is now the entertainer when this happens. Nirvana/ enlightenment is not achieved in one year or even 10 years. Kundalini is an ancient meditation practice of focusing mind waves and thoughts into a certain area of the body, stimulating the inner serpent to become hot and rise towards Kether, (the highest unattainable self in the crown chakra). Practice with meditation for many years is suggested before attempting Kundalini. Experiences may be overwhelming if proper training is not sought prior. I have been meditating for over 15 years and I have just begun Kundalini practice. These are the required prerequisites that will allow us to cook our food on the heat we have prepared. Heat being what we summon once we have properly meditated and stimulated Kundalini to rise unto our chakras. Without preparation for Kundalini, we are jumping into unknown waters and if experiences do happen we are unable to learn from said experiences base on the state of mind we are (not) in. Preparation for a journey into the abyss of mysticism starts with the journey within.

Doing meditations like this will help prepare the LSD or psilocybin experience 10 fold. Begin to identify your innermost fears and set intentions to evacuate your mind of said fear. Do this repeatedly during times you are not meditating. This will help program your lower limbic and by practicing every day for 5 minutes the first day, 6 minutes the second, and so on, you shall have a beautiful start to understanding why people dedicate so much time towards meditation.

Siddartha showed us in his memoir that life does not need to be lived following any guru or Holy man to become Holy. All it takes is the will to want to Love/do good unto others. To look to Nature as we gaze upon the History of creation. absorbing all lessons from all faiths is the true nature of religion in my opinion. God is everywhere. Even within... We are constantly fighting to keep ourselves afloat here on Malkouth/Earth we fail to remember where we came from. Turn to Christ as we turn to Nature. Remember Osiris and remember Horus. Remember Osiris slain and Risen, Remember King Arthur and his knight. Remember the Upanishads, Remember History is written by the winners...

The opposite of my fears is beginning to unwind as I travel deeper into the abyss of selflessness. Becoming part of the Hive mind is something we already are a part of. We do not lose our individuality once we become able to watch as the play goes on. Just as Shakespeare taught us life is but a play. We are all players and until we are able to step back and watch our own selves. We will be caught up in the play without realizing we are able to write our own lines. Once I see more I lose more of my ego and am able to align myself within the spiral of the evolution our creator intended, not my own... I have been looking at whom Joshua Arnold is from outside as a stranger and watching these emotions come and go as the clouds and water does. Living more inside my middle pillar, never too happy, never too sad, just an observer who is blissfully grateful for the roof over my head and the food in my belly, loving wife, and ability to write these words and health to support. The things we strive for are not what's truly important is the summary of this article I guess? Look outside for beauty and see the sunset and rise. Monet could not have painted something as beautiful right before our eyes. Meditation is the muscle we must utilize and build in order to empathize and love.

Kundalini is an approach to the Nirvana we all seek. The experiences found within an LSD trip are also similar to what one may experience during Samadhi or Kundalini practice. I am all for experimenting with opening the 3rd eye, however... Without the proper preparation, how will you be able to learn from the lessons that are being displayed in these visions? The world seems to all be on this LSD, Psilocybin craze as it repeatedly pounds the media with positivity and promotional incentive to try, branded by celebrities even. We must remember how to prepare for an experience like LSD or Psilocybin. Meditation in its simplest form practiced for a few minutes each morning is a great way to start flexing the 3rd eye and regain control of the subconscious. Remember, the brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Meditation, Yoga, and Yoga Nidra are the best mental reflexologist that we can utilize for strengthening our connection with our higher selves and creator.

Siddartha eventually comes to a point in his life where he begins to teach others who looked up to him in the past that he had abandoned. WE are Siddartha. We all are abandoning and returning to the true purpose of our existence. We know what is true to the touch and feel but when Ether and Chakras are involved we seem to hesitate. The yogi and guru seem to ascend faster than us in the Western world of busy money-oriented lives ruled by fear of loss.

The Upanishads are here for us as they were for the Gurus of the past. Siddartha remains one of my favorite characters of all time as he gracefully and without struggle looks to nature and learns so much he is enlightened. Siddartha attains Nirvana based on how he was able to let go and allow only selfless servitude to overwhelm his psyche and this archetypal behavior is what curates enlightenment. Breeding Heaven on earth from the source of knowledge called experience... Siddartha was a prime example of how to lead by example. Siddartha learned more from Nature than any book or Buddha taught him it seemed... Look to nature...


We must also remember that the CHAKRAs were originally not intended to be seen as colored as they are represented In the original Upanishads, each Chakra is represented by a petaled lotus of a different petal quantity. Each Chakra has a deity associated with it just as the Sephirot does on the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The Deities also represent feminine and masculine forces as the Pillars of Solomon (Jachin and Boaz) also represent. Egyptian rituals could have been/were derived from these Upanishads (it seems) as the Upanishads are older than the pyramids. Each Chakra has a mantra, and the element it belongs to, and each Chakra has a deity that correlates within each location of Chakra within the Human self. The lessons we can learn from ancient manuscripts can reopen our 3rd eye if we approach with a selfless heart. The truth has been here for thousands of years before Christ. Christ just showed us it was possible. History repeating itself every 1,000 years or so to keep the true work in alignment with each time that our savior was arisen and performing his miracles. Our receptors to truth are being manipulated every day as we are fed misinformation and disruption of true news via millionaire agendas. We must remember that we are only as good as our closest 5 friends. Anyone who doesn't promote your meditation desires is not a true helper. Meditation is a silent word that says I'm awake... Meditation lets people quietly see (based on action) that you are able to be at peace with your mind and are ultimately comfortable with your waking thoughts, enough to go inward for long periods of time without disruption. These people (Most CEOs and business-minded materialists) cannot do this mystical anomaly and fear your power of subconscious intention setting (as they should) and judge you as weird or wasting time. (Remember Most celebrities meditate even if they admit it or not Russell Simmons is an example). Meditation is bigger than Psilocybin and FREE! All this work is done on a subconscious level and most of the time astrally. We are always judging and examining truth if we doubt any smidge of its contentual image. Rather than trying something, we doubt its validity based on our bias and opinions of what others may think of us if we too are to meditate publicly.

Remember we have receptors in our Hearts, brain, and also stomach. These are all important factors to listen to when absorbing any information. If we can learn without disrupting the vibration of truth then we know something in our hearts to be the truth. Remember that a true yogi is usually a homeless man or woman who lives life day to day receiving support from those around him. Siddartha was one of these homeless Guru's with a home he called India/Earth/Malkouth (Malkouth is called the Kingdom on the Tree of Life) Gurus from India are not seen here in the states as often (if ever) in the Portland, OR streets because we do not respect the creator and its deity forms in our Western society. Just because the itinerary and look do not click with our own abodes does not mean we shall deny its purpose for seeking truth. Habitat is in the mind as we live with Love Fear Hate or selfishness, what we create and feed is where we live, what we deny may also become our Fear...

Please seek out a Guru to help you find inner peace and balance. The lessons we share are coming from a source of pure light and acceptance. We as humans should begin to see more ethical/etherical teachings unravel as we selflessly serve one another. Aether is something science does not recognize but quantum mechanics comes the closest. We quantize what we want every day with our words. We summon dreams into reality using these words and very few are aware of how colors and sound work as a force in our lives to connect and disconnect truth. May your own truth set you free and may the light shine brightest for your paths in search of eternal solace. May we look to the East and remember each day is a beautiful reminder that tomorrow is not promised. Aether is real as the breathe we cannot see...

When the Student is ready the teacher shall arrive...

Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and intention setting are the strongest self-motivator one can utilize. As someone who used to suffer from severe depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I can now say I am not feeling those ailments anymore. It's been over 3 years now. Staying busy, reading everything I can, and not allowing my mind to wander into the abyss of shame is what keeps me afloat in these treacherous waters of life. Depression (especially) is something that we can all relate to during COVID times. Taking a break to meditate can place us back in control faster than if we stewed on it. Why do we choose to stay in the emotional mind state we are in even if it is depressive, mad, or even sadness? How come some are able to overcome these ailments and others are unable to? Self-talk/discipline, and above all Selfless acts (knowing you are truly a good person based on the actions YOU provide) are what reroute negativity even faster. Yoga Nidra is the door to the vehicle called Kundalini and Meditation and repetition is the gas getting us to Samadhi. Samadhi is the end destination and as we practice control over our Prana only then will we acknowledge the powers of the sephirot and forces of color at play in our lives. Nirvana has not been attained by any living person as at that point one would not be a creature of the earth rather of the Light whence we all came and shall return.

May the light bring you great abundance and much ease within your travels through the rough waters of these 7 days in the 7 seas upon the 7 planets upon the seas that ebbs and flows twice in 24 hours. May the creator bring you blessings of YEHOSHUA AND YEHOVAHASHAH along with radiantly pure enlightenment brought forth via the power of Kundalini.

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