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Thank you Chobani!

Our 2nd Year of sponsorship from Chobani Yogurt. We want to say Thank you from the depths of our hearts for the blessings we have received from Chobani Yogurt repeatedly. These coupons that we have been given make light for those who have nothing being sent their way it seems. We have fueled our rider with Chobani as well we will continue to pave it forward and give these coupons to the neediest homeless and Elderly. Sometimes we see good deeds being done or a hard worker and give them a reward also. This is a nudge that they are being watched and good deeds are sometimes rewarded.

Thank you Chobani for sending us support and believing in a startup nonprofit when our local business did not. We shall forever remember the leap of faith that you took with us and will continue to pave it forward with the nutrients that Chobani provides daily for us.

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