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Warning Signs of Addiction Vs kratom Powder

Warning! Kratom is not a portion of food! The active ingredients in Kratom can become addictive if not used properly. Kratom is an alkaloid similar to Cocaine and Coffee. They are neither, however, the euphoric effects and misuse effects can create users to become dependent on this euphoria. The thought patterns most common with abuse of herbs are "they're just herbs."

Just because something is from the earth does not make it necessarily okay to ingest repeatedly. Some alchemic concoctions are derived from poisons, diluted, and then formulated to be safe (and effective) for the user. Without the proper chemist, one may be poisoned. There is the same thing happening on a smaller scale when it comes to self-administering a product that's not FDA-approved. Improper chemists (the active Kratom user) while being called a portion of food (AKA). Kratom has been and is pushed to continually be mislabeled by representatives who are misleading with false representation to "just get it on the shelves, at all costs..." At the same time being adulterated by the same representative affiliate vendor groups. Upselling and creating marketing ploy after ploy to sell the consumer something that A. is different, or B. causes them to become high/sedated. Kratom should NOT get one sedated. It should provide energy and be used as a nootropic.

Kratom as a food? What food causes these types of reactions and side effects???

Anyone who talks with a doctor about Kratom, (a CADC, or ER nurse even) will tell you that they see lots of dependent Kratom users come in, detoxing like they were on opioids (or crack) asking for help. Unfortunately, they send them to methadone which is stronger and ten thousand times more addictive. Unknowingly, the nurses think they are helping (based on their protocols) but they are doing more harm than good at this point. Kratom was not meant to be abused to the point of sedation and or dependency. Tolerance can be avoided if all of the proper precautions are taken. I will once again refer to the book: Leaf of Luxury Kratom myth Vs. Fact because it is the best example of this Industry and all of its glory, describes all kratom products as well gives all of the warnings to help beginner users deflect marketing ploys (if they choose to shop elsewhere) and get the most out of your/their medicine.

Back to that subject, a portion of food... These medical relationships I have acquired throughout the years: Recovery mentors, CADC, nurses, Naturopath, Chiropractors, and herbalists all agree that Kratom is NOT a portion of food. Kratom contains 7-hydroxy mitragynine which is the sedation-causing alkaloid found in Kratom. Kratom has caused dependency issues for every person using it daily, 85% of our new users become dependent on Kratom every day if they have begun using it daily. The best way to avoid Kratom dependency is to NEVER USE KRATOM EVERY DAY.

The Warning Signs that your Kratom is hurting you is quoted directly from the book Leaf of Luxury Kratom Myth Vs. Fact.

-Becoming irritable before taking your Kratom dose (or during absorption)

-An air of Silence when a particular person is near

-Withdrawl or change in the psychological state of the person/ feeling depressed, sleeping a lot



-Low self-esteem

-Uncooperative and aggressive behavior/mood swings

-Change in appetite, weight loss

  • Using more than 7-10 Grams of Powder or 8-10 capsules at a time

  • Dosing more than Twice a day

  • Using more Kratom every time you dose or upping dose amount regularly

  • Defending your rituals and amount with loved ones

  • loved ones have expressed concern for the amount you're using

  • your productivity level is based around kratom and kratom communities and Kratom is the only thing that motivates you. Without Kratom, nothing's really fun

These things are not entirely from the book I added a couple. The most common reoccurrence with tolerance is abuse. Using Kratom responsibly shows others how well kratom works. Abusing it deters people from ever wanting to consider using kratom for their ailments.

Remember: Kratom works best in smaller amounts. There is NO NEED to EVER be at 10 grams per dose. The amount of waste, bowel disruption, and discomfort from heavy metal buildup later will very much become a problem (if it's not already).

Kratom contains huge amounts (not just a little) of heavy metals, and the allotted amount per day (per the suggestion of the FDA) is a level tablespoon. That amount exceeds the number of heavy metals our body can process in one day. So, using multiple tablespoons multiple times a day will clog all the sensory receptors in your stomach, heart, and brain. Clogging our insides and creating tolerance while aiding the degradation of cells that are so latent with heavy metals they are now unable to process and absorb nutrients.

It's rare to find an addict (or recovering addict) talking about the healthy food they are eating or, how they are now striving to exercise more. No, most active users and those new to recovery are trying to stay clean (or get high again.) Either way, (both are a struggle) and food/eating is ALWAYS secondary to the person that is wanting and needs Kratom (drugs) daily to feel normal. Push all health aside when it comes to having a positive outlook/not be sick anymore = normal = energy. Drugs are meant for people to self-medicate. The problem with using Kratom as a portion of food is that it's then treated as a mundane herb and abused.

I took a step back from the promotion of Kratom, (even sales) for a few months and take breaks occasionally based on how overwhelming it is to see so many miseducated users claiming this and that but never tolerance or addiction... As a CRM (recovery mentor) I saw what the product was doing to those whom I helped with the product and told them how to use it. My loved ones, unable to admit they are addicts, in turn, abused the product, still complained about their pain, and became tolerant. See, Kratom will get people a little bit elevated and I can tell by how much they use what effect they are going fo. Some tend to want more than kratom can offer and it really hurts them internally. Unaccepting addictive traits is not something that makes me feel like I want to contribute. Unfortunately, my relative no longer uses Kratom and is totally turned off on it based on the realization of dependency and misuse. I always ask people if they feel they are using too much and most of the time people admit they are definitely abusing it. Unfortunately, that's how they began using and will not be able to come back without some serious coaching and someone looking over their shoulder as a DR. would. How can a product that does this time and time again to my friends and loved ones? How can I not continue to push for proper advocation and use? If I am the only vendor I will still know I am the only one that is pushing for truth over financial gain. I wish to not ever see anyone addicted to Kratom but an addict is usually an addict before they come to Kratom. Kratom is just something else they will self-administer and complain about how bad their pain is rather than just dealing with it and accepting the gift that we were given called pain. Without pain, there is no pleasure. Those who are able to experience large amounts of pain are able to be trusted and given larger amounts of pleasure... It's an ebb and flow, we must remember to stay neutral at all times. That's why I have continued to climb the Kratom ladder and reach for the stars while attaining the lower fruit in the meantime. The end goal will be accepted and use Kratom in all possible clinical administrations and these pain management clinics will help us pave the way for new legislation. Alternatives to pain are here! There are options!!! I will continue to educate and warn every user about the side effects and issues regarding kratom use. As long as I do right by the eyes of what is moral and true, I know I am doing what I should. After debating, meditation, and looking for other possibilities, I have arrived to conclude that my place in Kratom is forever. I will never give up (even if I take a break). I will only plan to succeed and make a greater impact for the greater good of Kratom. Leadership by example is unseen and underheard in this Industry (followers need not read on). May we all at least share the book Leaf of Luxurry Kratom Myth vs Fact with at least one friend, Dr. or relative, that would be most courageous for the plant as well as for the cause, our nonprofit sector which we fuel with 100% of our profits @

Kratom doses should not be felt (as in sedation, you should notice it working), it takes the pain away and helps a bit with energy. It is not a full-proof plan to rid oneself entirely of all pain. The problem with users abusing Kratom is they are chasing the 7-hydroxy conversion their body blessed them with the first few times they dosed. Now it takes more and more to get a small blip of that feeling. Achieving it only for a fraction of time as it's a fast-moving alkaloid that is water-soluble and moves as water does in the body. Converting only when truly necessary for TRUE pain. The slower the system the slower they process toxins which is what the user that is looking to get their high ends up. This is actually their system slowing down in order to process toxins. It's telling them to "STOP, PLEASE! allow us to breathe, we cannot supply energy, and rid ourselves of the toxins you keep dumping on top of us."

Quit with the Kratom for at least three days if you've been using it nonstop for a week straight (or longer). We have amazing articles on how to detox at home from heavy metal buildup. It's not pretty but extremely effective. Please see our blogs @

The FDA is not here to do anything but help us. The studies and facts they produce are not fiction like the majority of these strains that most users are used to (and unfortunately happy) buying. A new one appears every year/month it seems. Always something to trick the consumer to think they are getting something better. In all actuality it's allllll Mitragynine! (see: Leaf of Luxury Kratom myth vs fact) The liver converts mitragynine into 7-hydroxymitragynine naturally when TRUE pain is needing to be eradicated/overpowered enough to allow SEVERE chronic pain a break.

One tablespoon per day, that's all the FDA says we should eat. IF anyone has seen the amount of COA's coming in from overseas (for Kratom powder) they will understand. Clay and Dye along with research chemicals, phenibut, and whatever else, will only delay the progress we wish to gain in the Kratom industry. Credibility comes with responsible vendors teaching truth and not upselling something with an active ingredient of such a degree. Kratom should be monitored and used as an SSRI. little amounts, that's the best way to use it as that's all that's needed. (unless you have a lot of opioid receptors to fill...)

We need more clinical trials to become apparent in white papers. These need to be done in all geographical locations where Kratom is being used daily. Kratom is the best/biggest thing to tip an iceberg in medicine since, Psilocybin I guess... More like penicillin, however, penicillin is far more of a discovery. kratom is just a plant that is ONLY grown in the tropics (10% unknown alkaloids). A good plant takes 25+ years to mature. All (bulk) good leaf is already accounted for... Everything else comes into the warehouses and those are low numbers (% of mitragynine) as well as all sorts of stuff that clogs processing machines and the human system. Know thy vendor well.

The summary of what this article is trying to teach is that Kratom should not be used every day. As a person who almost died from heavy metal toxicity, I can strongly stamp my foot at the value behind heavy metal-free kratom consumption. There is NO healthier way to consume and those people who are using cheap, heavy metal latent products (and most are using a lot) are going to regret it sooner or later. I've seen multiple women's hair fall out from misusing Kratom powder specifically. This was mostly from them trying to find the cheapest "quality" which is nonexistent. (Remember it's all mitragynine, vendor = lesser quality farmer = same lesser quality) Just because you think you found a good vendor, may not mean they know what they are selling. 90% of retailers don't participate in third-party testing and leave it to the Manufacturer. We think this needs to change. Nothing should be on the shelves that doesn't have a matching certificate of analysis. No vendors convicted of manslaughter or murder should be allowed to sell kratom or manufacture Kratom products either. Many rules need to be implemented, but calling it a portion of food will not help us entirely, nor will it hurt us as the government doesn't really care about Kratom. The government has bigger fish to fry and feels if people want to ingest third world products, by all means...

Please check out our podcast and blog page at

Be well, Be Merry, Be Yous ES' AYYYY!

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