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OHM Reiki/Services

We offer specialized treatment plans for each client upon intake to better assess our work together. Our goals are based on Trauma removal, Energy resetting, and Energy clearing. We help all forms of Substance Abuse/Addiction become manageable using Alternative herbs, Yoga Nidra (yoga for the mind), and Reiki (for the soul). We help aid the clearing of all blockages, (physical or mental and emotional) using proven methods and certified specialists to correctly re-route all chronic pain and mental health/spirituality disparities.


Our goal at OHM is to help each client become re-aligned with the Divine Life Energy using Reiki. Our Portland location is safe, sterile, and always has clean linens and a shower ready with nonscented, natural soaps.  

Reiki is not religious/ nondenominational. serves as the Founder (Usui Shiki Ryosho). Studying intently for 30 years on the lessons/teachings of Buddha and Christ. This also led our practitioner to a Universal discovery called Reiki "Universal Light Energy" We are 100% non-denominational and accept ALL, Gnostic or Agnostics.

YESHUA (Joshua) Paul Arnold - 3rd Generation Portland Reiki Therapist in Oregon 

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