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Citrus Fruits

Our Sponsors

Know them by their fruit...

@ we are dedicated to serving our sponsors as much as the community because they are the butter to our bread.


We are eternally grateful to the Moon, around the Sun, and Back for the generous product donations that we have received from our Sponsor(s) (especially Chobani Yogurt for the 2nd Year in a row!)


Chobani Yogurt believes in our nonprofit when local businesses did not.


We are eternally indebted to Chobani for the humbled gratitude they have repeatedly shown which impacts YOU The Portland, Oregon Community. 


Fueling us with Chobani, Sponsoring our #PAVEITFORWARD2022 & #PAVEITFORWARD2021 long-distance bike ride from Portland to Hood River, and putting much-needed probiotics in the neediest elderly homeless' hands. We cherish Chobani as a staple in our daily lives and hope others pay attention to this company's selfless actions and the continued support they offer for small startup nonprofits like Chobani fights the good fight, leading by example which is the catalyst for change. 

Our First Repeat Sponsor!

Fred Meyer $300.00 Gift cards 2021



Private Citizens your name here


150 Fleece lined hats

50 neck gators

Lia S

Coats, blankets, wool socks, canned goods

Julie L

clothing, essentials

Bruce B

designer coats, warm gear

Kelly L

essentials, clothing

Alison C

clothing, essentials

4 boxes; 40 ct
2 Scooters in DEMO MODE
IMG_3528 2.jpg

Lime Scooters

IMG_3663 2.JPG
4 Boxes; 40 Ct


COSTCO $50.00 shop card
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