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Lupus Vs Kratom and the Wolf in Sheeps clothing "truth in labeling"

Lupus, what is it?

Lupus is a disease that occurs when your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs (autoimmune disease). Inflammation caused by lupus can affect many different body systems — including your joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs.

My wife has had Lupus for the majority of her life. Lupus is passed down hereditarily or may be acquired by exposure to harsh chemicals. The case with my wife was the latter (harsh chemical exposure).

Since discovering Kratom and it's true origin and purpose we have been able to eradicate the majority of flare ups. Lupus is still not fully understood by science neither is Kratom ironically. The anti-inflammatory properties in the active ingredients of Kratom allow Lupus to become relieved almost immediately. Kratom has worked far better (with less side effects) than any medication my wife has tried. Unfortunately most medicines are prescribed to keep the patient coming back and never really cures them.

Kratom ingestion will reduce inflammation, increase productivity while subduing mental blockage that occurs when Lupus flare ups occur. If you read the beginning sentence of this article you will see that Lupus is a disease that has no consistency. Flare ups usually happen when my wife has been exposed to the sun for 10-15 minutes without sunscreen. People with Lupus tend to avoid the sunlight based on how the sunlight triggers a response in the immune system. Sunlight is essential to all but, Lupus patients (especially) need more Vitamin D based on the sunlight being such a determinant for health.

After 15 years of watching cause and effect I was extremely moved when my wife started using Kratom regularly. She never EVER has used Kratom three days in a row. The only time she uses Kratom is when her arthritis flares up so bad she cannot function. Kratom works far better than Advil or Ibuprofen based on how it penetrates and relieves sever chronic pain.

Most who use Kratom for the first time report feeling a tad sedated. Only those with zero tolerance to opioids have this occur. Most who are unable to stomach opioids find exponential results with Kratom once they have found their working regimen. The sad thing about Kratom is that the product potency varies so much from vendor to vendor it will be hard to determine what is a good product. When using a regular vendor, that vendor may have switched suppliers unknowingly. Bulk material sourced in a jungle. Think about it, remember these guys will do anything for a sale. Just because your vendor is a nice guy doesn't mean he knows entirely the process of manufacturing and sourcing. We do understand these variable and take huge consideration/precautions when importing.

We suggest to use Heavy Metal Free Kratom products if one wishes to use Kratom at all. Heavy metal buildup being the most common caveat regarding daily Kratom use. Kratom should NOT be used daily unless heavy metal free products are to be used. Most who have begun using kratom powder have set their tolerance too high and will not find the same results with Heavy metal Free Kratom. We have many articles explaining why this occurs so we will not go into details here. Just remember, a 3rd world country with NO Leaded fuel regulations mean that all of those toxins in the air are being absorbed by plants, the plants that YOU enjoy eating...

Heavy metal buildup isn't a concern to most because the majority are unaware of the underlying symptoms of heavy metal buildup/toxicity. Please read our other past articles regarding Heavy metal buildup @ blog page.

Kratom vs Lupus in a short summary = the most effective medicine available. No food on earth has anti inflammatory properties like Kratom, zero. When we call Kratom a food we have misdirected the majority of beginner users who self-administer a product that can be unsafe and may become toxic immediately. Remember... The suggested amount of powder per day per the FDA is 1 level tablespoon. That exceeds the amount of heavy metals we can absorb and process in a day. Most people eat 10x that amount in a day and are unaware how damaged their systems are based on lack of education.

Lupus is a disease that doesn't need extra toxins to process. Most people are unaware what is safe and harmful based on Kratom not being FDA approved. California requires Kratom distributors to put a cancer warning label on their products to sell in stores FYI... If you suffer from Lupus DO NOT USE POWDER KRATOM ONLY!

The only safe (longterm) way to use Kratom is in extract form. When we say extract people immediately think "oh no, way too strong, or, that will increase my tolerance too fast, etc etc." Not true! Our products are formulated to be the same potency as powder only more precise servings that are always consistent. 100% HEAVY METAL FREE! Never will you find variable potencies with our products as we guarantee each and every product we release based on these standards we apply upon manufacturing.

If you are suffering from sever chronic pain and find opiates annoyingly sedative. We strongly suggest giving Kratom a try. There is not a product on earth that works like Kratom. Kratom changed my perspective on herbs entirely. I thought THC was effective for LUPUS but had no idea how much more effective Kratom was until she gave it an open minded try. (we have a dozen or so clients who use Kratom regularly for Lupus now!) Even though it took a year for my wife and best friend of 27 years to start using Kratom, now she has a crutch when limping with Lupus pain, its called Mitragynine!

Telling your doctor you are using Kratom is not the best idea... Most Dr's who know you are using something non prescribed will/may cut you off of treatment based on this. It is our personal suggestion to NEVER talk to your doctor about Kratom unless you are100% sure they will agree with your choice. Be cautious on where and whom you buy Kratom from also. If the company does not acknowledge the addictive properties behind repeated/ habitual kratom use then you are not in the right place. Heavy metal knowledge is nothing new to vendors, they should provide heavy metal lab reports that have their company name on them (un-redacted.) Make sure that the company has Heavy metal-free options also at cost and contributes back to the Industry/community in some way. Not many live to the strict standards that requires. We go the extra mile to ensure safety and that means proper education and the highest quality Heavy metal free extract products lab, tested mother approved.

Deciding which product to buy is simple. If you are new to Kratom grab 1; 8 count of Mu APLPHA GOLD extract capsules. Take one and see for yourself. You will not need more than 2 capsules for extreme pain relief. ONLY AVAILABLE AT! WE DO NOT ADVERTISE OR SELL KRATOM ONLINE. We help one person at a time and know every one of our clients personally as a Therapist should.

For immediate relief purchase a Zkittlez/citrus Mist Spray (micro dose unit) or a single serving K shot 120mg. Or we suggest (personally) using our CBD/Kratom "Chi" tincture for the best results for anti-anxiety. Send us an email for more info on prices at

Note: Using Mitragynine extract (Liquids) before your capsules helps relieve pain immediately. The liquid will activate faster as the capsules are absorbing. This is an effective way to use liquids and capsules together to receive immediate results. Mu Alpha Gold products are all heavy metal free except Mu alpha Gold capsules contain small amount of powder. Still way less than the majority of vendors who source from warehouses.

If you are interested in taking the ikratom challenge please send us an email with proof of your symptoms/diagnosis for Lupus, MS, or Fibromyalgia, Cancer or any debilitating disease/ailment. We will send you a sample if you pay for shipping. This product is guaranteed and comes with certifiable lab reports. Legal to ingest and be sold in most states. Anyone wishing to learn more about Kratom please pm me and I can send you a digital copy of Leaf of Luxury Kratom Myth Vs Fact. (we love and appreciate any referrals)

Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and so many more ailments (even Diabetes) can be relieved to the point of non existence if Kratom is used properly. Some diabetics have proven remission from using Kratom regimens. There are lots of things that must be taken into consideration prior to using Kratom.

Remember... Kratom is most effective in smaller amounts. The people who are using more than 7-10 grams at a time are chasing a high. The effects from kratom should not necessarily be felt rather, noticed. Kratom should not take away 100% of your symptoms rather allow you to function. Using more and more to numb your sensation (or create a sensation) was/is NOT how Kratom was intended. Please use Kratom responsibly and understand that your leadership is being observed and mis/overuse is something others notice. We may tell ourselves we are not addicted but energy is transparent... Kratom is being used in replacement of opioids and just like opioids are abused so will kratom become abused. Using Kratom responsibly is up to the user. When vendors price a medicine so cheap then people will abuse it as its priced to value. Others will misuse Kratom watching how their friends abuse it, thinking that's the way. Teaching others how to properly use Kratom as a medicine will deter/decrease dependency while increasing the results we need most to prove the efficacy of an herb that is 10% unknown to science. Kratom will ALWAYS work if you NEVER use it every day. NEVER USE KRATOM EVERY DAY!

If you do use Kratom every day, changing products won't do anything as its all the same thing around the globe. People will call it something else to mislead clients to buy more. Sourcing Kratom in bulk is almost impossible to do consistently overseas. These trees take over 25+ years to mature. The crops we are used to seeing are not how they grow Kratom overseas. Education is the most primal starting point that ALL must seek to affiliate themselves with in order to see "real" Kratom truth. Using a new vendor every time your tolerance goes up is not fair to the vendor. Buying for a sale will decrease the potency guaranteed. People don't sell high quality kratom leaf for cheap, its too expensive to process to get over here first of all. Second you may test our product and see we don't have additives like 99% of these "new strains" do. Putting Phenibut and research chemicals is not technically illegal as there are no people monitoring Kratom manufacturers. The public seeks a "high" and then the manufacturers will give it to them (supply and demand). This is why Triangle Pharmanaturals went down hill in the first place (google: Triangle Pharmanaturals FDA seizure 2017). Now that same company has changed their name 3 times since, as well abandoned shop in all states they setup in. Now they are in TX adding Phenibut to their CBD and Kratom products (still)... Leadership, that's where this product went wrong (lack thereof). Misrepresentation as well as lack of monitoring creates a wild west environment. This means our Kratom industry is filled with back stabbing manufacturers who sell out any and everyone for a buck. The first thing The owner of Triangle Pharmanaturals said to me when I was interviewing to setup his extraction lab was this: "I don't care about any of my employees or customers" Sadly, I was tricked just as the majority of vendors are in this Kratom Cabal full of vendors playing nice while lying about the truth regarding addictiveness as well as heavy metals. "Bait and switch" is also a reoccurring theme as well in Kratom Industry. The FDA doesn't care about people who decide to ingest products that are not FDA-approved. "The health issues that arise from long-term use will play out." These greedy vendors care only about their financial gain and lay the foundation for others to TRUMP one another. A sick circle that unfortunately most vendors fall into, Paying to play, passing on terrible ethics to control as much as they may.

It's a sad and reciprocating force that seems to never die. As we continue to reach out to local government agencies and tell truth about what we observe we are reminded that "the government doesn't care about Kratom at this time" said the OLCC executives. Self-administered, non FDA approved products will result in a lot of dependent users who's vendors are (knowingly) denying truth and getting people strung out. I've never seen a food create dependency issues like Kratom. Anything this strong should be monitored as we monitor THC. Unfortunately, when more and more people become sick from over/misuse and are exposed in the media as: "Sick from Kratom," people continually see more and more negativity regarding Kratom use than positivity. My personal opinion is that we need to ban Powders in general as the majority are misusing it entirely. A 10 gram dose is extreme! It's not as extreme as using controlled substances but over time it negates the positive. A positive times a negative gets us what, a negative right? Exactly why its important to listen to our leaders and FDA advice.

If Kratom works so well as a medicine and people call it a food then how will we educate on the medical benefits and continue/begin researching them if its called portion of food? Are we the only company that is NOT looking to take the easy way out? Are we truly going to settle for less in order to get what? More... That's not the case in the states where KCPA bill has passed previously. Creating more conflict with use as the age limit is raised, this decreases truth and efficacy overall. If Kratom is a food why does it have an age restriction? There are many factors that are NOT being spoken about when Kratom law is the subject. Approving the KCPA bill does nothing but send us backward. Remember these Lawyers advocating for Kratom have written in a lot of bias into that bill. Please read or check our podcast for detailed reading of KCPA House Bill 2646. There is a huge reason its gone nowhere... Misappropriation of funds is a common theme when it comes to the American Kratom Association. If you read our past articles you will see the fruit they produce is genuine to the lawyer tactics we see on TV. These "friends of Kratom" tell us they are for us while stabbing me in the back. Spending your donations ceasing and desisting true advocates like ourselves. The AKA's main spokesperson Mac Haddow has been arrested for stealing funds/misappropriation of funds (see our blog page for a detailed article about the AKA). Not only that but the AKA is working against all efforts they claim to address. The AKA is the wolf in sheep's clothing. DO NOT LISTEN to THEIR FALSITIES "TURHT IN LABELING (UGH) OR JOIN THE AKA! Unless you wish to overlook truth and realism... Truth in labeling would mean actually telling the truth not just saying so... call me crazy but I call that standard.

I am here to warn beginners. We hope that you will see actions rather than words on paper. We have an extensive warning about this industry written and published. The most credible book to date regarding the truth vs Fiction of Mitragyna Speciosa is all described in neon- lettered writing, detailed in the finest ink within the confines of the infamous book; Leaf of Luxury Kratom myth vs Fact. Available where all books are sold.

Please don't forget to check out our Nonprofit site @ and our retail site for Kratom and CBD products @

Please send us an email if you are interested in volunteering or helping us with advocation and or sales. Distributors email for Prices, COA and MOQ. #weareikratom

wish to learn more about Heavy metal buildup vs Kratom? click the shaded letters<

Here is a link to our podcast as well @Wash Your Thoughts w/

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