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Results from Pave/Paint it Forward PDX 2021

Greetings affiliates!

During the past months we have had a great time advocating for Kroger/ Fred Meyer and Chobani as our two sponsors. Remember to use your rewards card at Fred Meyer to send nonprofits like ours funds via those points that go towards your membership rewards.

We handed out Gift cards to essential workers (randomly) who showed extra effort and took selflessness and duty a tad farther than expected. We were able to connect with a lot of local businesses and introduce ourselves formally.

The event was a success even if the people who said they would sponsor us were unable to follow through at the time of collecting.

We will continue to serve and clean up in our frequented local locations off of SE Powell Blvd. We will also continue to organize and recruit new volunteers while working alongside others who are leading by example in Portland, OR.

Thank you all who have helped promote our cause.

I thank you all and I wish you all much Love and Light. Please pay it forward to a homeless person if you can by saying "hi" at least and acknowledging their presence as a living human being.

The small things do add up and please remember, each person is on their own path in life. We all have had "situations of circumstance" and some people's circumstances are a lot worse than anything we can imagine. Please put yourself in their shoes for one second... praises all who cherish their path (and do not live in the past) in this Earthly realm of this mundane materialism. May all light bearers say strong and move forward with the great work, aware (subconsciously) that we are supporting each other, even if we are not acquainted.

Joshua Arnold (President)

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