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What is Reiki & the History of the Usui Shiki Ryoho method

What is Reiki, the USUI SHIKI RYOHO Method?

Reiki is a Japanese Word meaning Rei “Spiritual Wisdom” and Ki translates to “Life Energy.” “Chi” in Chinese, “Ti (or Ki)” in Hawaiian, and “Prana” in Sanskrit/Hindi.

Reiki works/ is the 1 ultimate Universal Life Energy. Reiki assists healing in the body by influencing the Chakras with Universal Energy via the therapist. Reiki re-activates those 7 most common Chakras that have become inactive or slower.

Chakra is an ancient Vedic word meaning “wheel.” Chakras are seen as Aetherical (the 5the element) Triangles constantly spinning representing Shiva Shakti and Parvati representative of the Archetype of God which are the dual forces of male and Female, Jachin and Boaz in Egyptian/Freemasonry, yin and yang in Chinese, Adam and Eve in Christianity, The Moon and sun in Paganism. These dual forces are a representation of the Forces of Sound, and light energy, combined as one Universal Life force. (Hare ohm tat sat/ God is the only reality).

Chakra are located within and without the body. We work directly with the most common 7 Chakras. Using Reiki to help stimulate healing and remove of mental blockage.

Reiki is passed on via Attunement/ordination. Reiki is extremely powerful and comes unto the recipient like the flipping of a light switch. Heat will emanate from the hands, or cold. You may hear the therapist exhale a lot during your session. This is to disperse the negative energy that is being (pulled) present.

Stones are used for specific purposes throughout a Reiki session as well as any Yoga Nidra sessions. Stones and Pendulum to be explained upon your visit(s)..

Reiki is the life energy that is unique and only available to those who are ordained or living the life of spirituality and selflessness. Reiki can actually occur naturally but only with those who are able to initiate Samadhi (see our Samadhi page

Reiki is guided into the new therapist via this Universal seed that is implanted in the recipient via the Master. Reiki has existed in different forms for thousands if not billions of years (see the Vedas). Our previous prophets who were Reiki healers are Jesus, also known as Esau, Moses, Babaji, Mother Theresa, Pavarti, and Shiva Shakti to name only a few. These leaders were sent from the divine and opened up the pathway to Universal Energies. These guides were the first to access this tool of healing that Reiki therapists are now able to tap into. This all happened before doctors even existed. Remember in the beginning, there was only Shaman…

Many prophets have used Reiki to proselyte a Universal awareness to the People by leading through the humbled examples of selflessness, servitude, Faith, hope, and charity for all things material that has been, are, and will be created.

Please be patient with Reiki Therapists

An enlightened Reiki therapist may or may not have trouble with conducting business in the way you may be accustomed, as a business is purely material and not an Energy worker's specialty. Please be patient with all Reiki Therapists, as they have denounced materialism and during each session are dedicated to you, the client/patient. They do this by wearing the symbolic Orange of the Buddha. These leaders of the higher realms were the first to teach about materialism and its decaying prowess amongst mankind. These prophets helped us repel and expel negativity without ego, leading by example, serving the Great work, and showing how to love others as we wish to be loved. 10,000 years ago Buddhists Monks practiced Reiki. It was believed to be practiced even further back in time.

Reiki has no Religious affiliation. We do not incorporate any other faith’s methods into Reiki Sessions other than those of which we have been ordained to use which is the “Usui method” We keep Reiki sacred and never bring our own beliefs into a ceremony by dissolving our ego prior to any ceremony so beautiful.

Reiki is THE Universal Energy life force. As we perform the sacred ritual of Reiki we call upon the Universal life force as we ask to denounce all self. This humbled servitude is how Reiki activates within the Therapist. Without ego dissolution, we cannot serve the metaphorical consciousness coursing throughout us all. Prior to any Reiki session, we re-validate the sacred oath we made with the Light.

The Universal Light exists within (and without) all of us

Reiki helps the Spirit grow; Use the Force Luke! -Obi-Wan-Kenobe

We all have Universal life energy surrounding us every day and this energy in English is called called “synergy.” We tap into this life force on a daily basis. It is realized and then attuned to perfection (subconsciously through experiences) that will never be attained in life, only in death... Reiki helps aid all forms of healing, guided by the Light, this Universal light which is our fuel, and aetherical fire. Reiki hands (metaphorically) when activated during a session (causing heat) are equal to beams of light directed from the Divine Universal source, as that is what is happening. The same Universal Light source that fuels the sun and solar system.

Reiki helps growth, and soul growth we help this growth using Reiki, acting as guides, and silent teachers. Reiki Therapy just once can assist. in helping your spiritual evolution in a similar scenario to how Yoda and Obi-won enlightened Luke Skywalker by showing Luke how to activate his hidden abilities in order to penetrate, control, and use for the greater good, THE Universal Light Force, “Use the Force Luke”-Obi-won-Kenobe.

Reiki penetrates into the sub-molecular Viral bodies of each patient’s psyche and will remove any unwanted behaviors, pain or ailments.

Remember, Reiki is Universal meaning, it has no denomination as far as the Divine. It is a direct connection to "THE" Universal Energy.

Why are Chakras so Important to clear daily?

Our Chakras may become unbalanced based on the material influences we are constantly harassed by. The foods we eat, the negativity we absorb through music and entertainment all take their toll on the mind and body over time if clearing is not done regularly.

Understanding the Ancient Veda Scriptures' description of Chakras will help us identify with this Universal Life Energy that we use to help our patients heal. Illness and disease may be alleviated, reduced, and even sent into remission using regular chakra reset and Energy work.

If one understands energy, life will become a tad more bearable as we are able to cope and use tactics for protection that our Reiki therapist will teach us over time. Chakra reset daily is important for optimal absorption of life’s love, and lessons based on experiences with repeat Reiki treatment or, just one experience.

We are constantly drifting from the Universally supreme light as we are overwhelmed by politics, news, and family/ life happenings. It’s important to never lose our cool and always consider others' feelings when we are unable to feel as we normally do.

Perhaps depression is something that is normal.

This needs to be reset with chakra work and daily yoga & Reiki for 1-3 months. Results happen very fast if the recipient is able to understand Chakra and Energy work prior to treatment

Reiki Therapists are Not doctors and CAN NOT DIAGNOSE YOU with any medical ailment, or claims to a cure.

Reiki therapists wish you to become forever well and share Reiki results with others so we may receive referrals. Reiki does heal, we cannot claim this based on medical science, as Science is definite and material, Chakras are not identified in Western Medicine at all, nor in Western Religion... Science, like most things, requires evidence of 100% results, results that may be duplicated in all people. Remember, not everyone responds to Western medicine, well, it’s just the same for Energy work. Some will not be able to benefit from Reiki or Yoga Nidra based on prior belief/nonbelief. The overall goal for us as Reiki providers is to help assist in healing and trauma removal.

Wellness of mind and spirit is the first line of defense in order to control emotions and life happenings. Reiki provides a metaphorical sword for the spiritual battles we face in life, as well as a Golden shield and armor. Reiki recipients have now connected with their higher selves again. Reiki healings are of a power so great, that you need no prescription. Reiki and Yoga Nidra results are something you may continually carry with you forever, enhancing your body, soul, and mind with that Universal ability to protect your own energy, creating your own Light in the world.

Reiki restores everything positive and natural within the body and mind, initiating healing within mind-body /soul as soon as the session is started. After the Reiki session ends, Reiki will continue working. Every person’s results vary but most will be tired afterward so please, be cautious when driving after any Reiki Session.

Sensitive people are usually most receptive to Reiki

No Energy is taken from the Reiki Practitioner unless they choose to give it.

Reiki is a way to clear out subconscious blockage that has your mental growth stunted. Spiritual clearing/ unblocking occurs once the recipient is truly willing and ready for change. Change happens very fast when visiting our therapist as he helps us connect with the higher self, assisted by our guide who uses Reiki (the Therapist). This Ancient ritual has been proven effective for the worst trauma, addiction, and mental health disparities for thousands of years. Don't you think you should try Reiki...

Reiki work can treat Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis with great efficacy/results. Every person who has visited us has been observing increased positivity within their daily life, no nightmares since, increased drive, decreased joint and nerve pain, and are more positive and able to be focused less on what is not right and rather focus on what is amazing and beautiful in their lives. Everyone experiences something unique and indescribable by the end of our session if everything is perfect lol, but we hope you are able to attain what others have, that is our intent...

Joshua Paul Arnold has experience with Reiki for over 30 years as a 3rd generation Reiki Healer in his family. Reiki sessions for our loved ones (mostly) have helped alleviate nightmares and negative energy, chronic/severe pain, and restoration of positive, mental health.

Joshua is a nondenominational Melchizedek Priest holder, Self published author, husband to his best friend of 27 years, Artist, Musician, Life coach, nonprofit director, public speaker, Certified Recovery Mentor, Master Mason AF&AM (lecturer), Al-Kader Shriner. Sri Yeshua (Joshua Paul) is constantly clearing the city blocks of the negative energy he frequents as well as all Restaurants, streets, and shops he visits, and attends, as well offers blessings to the people he passes by throughout a normal day. Joshua loves his job and this is why he has such great results, Energy has always been an important aspect of growth and development in his life. Joshua is blessed to be able to clear chakras and do long-distance healing for all family, friends, and loved ones. Daily preparation for his rituals is an average of 3 hours of meditation, Ritual bath is required prior to all ritual work. Work is done during all waking hours but specifically, greeting the sun daily, prior to sunrise, high noon, and at sunset. Totaling an average of 5 hours of meditation and ritual work per day average (without counting appointments, a busy day doing ritual and ceremony, add 10 hours!).

Up at 4 AM five days out of the week except for Shabbat. Some days energy is stabilized in its purity within the Temples at his target goal/ areas of concern, people, places needing constant energy work refreshed, etc. These days, there are 0 rituals done, and Joshua, he actually gets to sleep in! Be prepared to fill out paperwork prior to your visit at a Reiki Therapy session.

What we do differently here at is EVERYTHING! We treat new clients as friends who are long lost, even a stranger is like family because that is what we are, equal, all the same, all from the Creator, all Universally loved by the light, and this Light is the love that we feel and send with Reiki.

The universality of loving others, as we wish to be loved, is the theme and motto of Our Health Matters. Reiki for the Soul, Yoga Nidra for the mind, paying/paving it forward as the Catalyst for change, leading by example…We are an IRS Exempt 501(c)(3) Charity.

Reiki Benefits:

Balances all life Energy

Increases creativity


Healing of the entire person, mind-body, and soul

Works with a casual level of treating diseases. (Has even healed diseases in previous cases.) Reiki Is not recommended as a singular form of healing in regard to serious illnesses.


Reduces stress and alleviates pain temporarily, for quite awhile. All trauma will be pulled entirely until it is triggered again, we will work on triggers together as we continually clear and fail until we are successful 10% of the time. We are an extremely patient, client-based incorporation/nonprofit.


Helps with processing emotions and accepting change,

Improves sleep quality exponentially in almost everyone, as this is the most common side effect of Reiki, better sleep and more energy upon waking, less sleep required, Drive has returned.

Libido increases in men and women. Reiki is extremely relaxing and stimulates Delta and Alpha waves. Delta waves are extremely hard to reach and we may actually stay within this range of wavelength for quite some time.

Reiki Aligns and opens Chakras, creating oneness and happiness.

(Sapientia Sapienti Dono Data, “Wisdom is a Gift Given unto the Wise” Arma Voces, “Weapons of Voices,” Ora et Labora, “Time to Work!”)

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Part 2 What is Reiki: A Detailed History of Reiki

Some say Reiki has existed within Tibetan Monk Ashrams for thousands of years. also believes this to be true, as we have seen such great healers since the beginning of time using Reiki-like methods.

A Teacher seems to always appear when the world is most fragile and in need. Reiki, Being a Universal Life Force of Energy, appears as the cure we have been missing, the Universal cure, in the form of Energy.

Energy exists in all things, Energy has existed and will continue to exist forever, as this Universal life force is our own.

When you have nothing, what does that equal… Everything does it not…

Dr. Usui, Shiki Ryoho The re-Founder of Modern Reiki

I know that I do not know… Pythagoras

We do know however that in our time a great scholar was born and he asked the questions, then was gifted to obtain all of our, most sacred Reiki symbols. This all happened to our re-founder within a flash of light, appearing suddenly, an emanation of enlightenment is how he described it as if a switch had been turned on and his awareness/self was enlightened to receive Reiki. This was a Universal ordination rather than a normal Attunement, which is hands-on.

Dr. Mikao Usui

Our Grand Master, Mikao Usui, was the “common age” mystic/founder of the healing art called “Reiki”

Dr. Usui was born to wealth just like Arjuna was in the Vedas as was Siddartha who later discovered he was the Earthly incarnate of Buddha. Jesus was also depicted by the Hindu faith in the Maha Baharati to be incarnate of Buddha.

Dr. Mikao Usui was highly educated and his prime focus in his scholastic studies was on the lessons of Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

Dr. Usui was drawn spiritually and physically to the particular healing capabilities of religious Masters, so he traveled to India. Again, his studies were intent on these topics and he left once again, scratching his head, as he could not fully grasp the scriptures, even though he could read them without hesitation. He was not enlightened… He then went on a quest to Mount Koriyama in Japan, in 1922 to seek this said “enlightenment.”

In the Vedas Lord Shiva also sought enlightenment upon a mountaintop, as did Guru Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and this was Mount Kailash for Bhagavan Ramana, and also the same mountain for Shiva Shakti, who were enlightened beings.

Ramana Maharshi found enlightenment within the exact time as Dr. Usui also came within a flash/emanation. These two however were in different parts of the world. Ramana was in southern India at Mt. Kailash and Dr. Usui was at his Japanese energy point, at the base of Mount Koriyama. Probably around the same elevation as Mt. Kailash as Mt Kailash Mountain is not as humongous as we are used to mountains being.

At the base of this Mountain (Koriyama), Dr. Usui fasted for 21 days. 21 is a strong number in the Vedas and Occult.

Here is a brief explanation of the Vedas' interpretation of these three numbers, 2, 1, and 21 combined…


1 is a symbolic representation of saguna Brahman or Brahman with qualities and form. Saguna Brahman is the awakened Brahman who projects the worlds and the entire creation out of himself. He is also called the cosmic soul or Hiranyagarbha. He creates the worlds and beings by his will and dynamic power. He is the creator of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva and the rest of the gods. He is referred as tadvanam. He is beyond the grasp of the senses and the mind. He is bliss consciousness who is experienced by seekers in a state of samadhi. By realizing him everything is realized. By knowing him everything is known.

Like saguna Brahman, one is the first to manifest, somehow mysteriously from the equally mysterious zero. It is not zero that creates other numbers, but actually the number one. Just as Brahman exists everywhere in his entire creation, the number one exists in every other number. The value of other numbers increases greatly when you bring the number to their forefront. It is like placing God before everything else in our daily living.

The number one also symbolizes the state of non-duality, the oneness of existence hidden in all of creation beyond the veil of delusion. The oneness of being is also the subjective state of both Brahman and Atman, in which there is no experience of distinction and separation between the known and the knower, the object and the subject, the self, and the non-self. One alone exists by oneself, illumined by the self, immersed in the self, permanent, unchanging and unmoving. It is a state in which one simply is, the state of "I am I am" in which "I" transcends the ego to become "I" alone. Does the self know that it exists? Perhaps not, except in a state of duality.


The number two is a symbolic representation of the state of duality which we experience objectively through our minds and the senses. It also symbolizes Purusha and Prakriti (God and Nature), Brahman and Atman as two separate entities, the knower and the known, the subject and the object, the doer and the deed, the self and the not self, the bhutatman (ego or physical self) and the antaratman (real Self), Siva and Shakti, Vishnu and Lakshmi, Brahma and Saraswathi, the earth and the sky, cause and effect, the day and the night, the heaven and the hell, the good and evil, the right and wrong, knowledge and ignorance, higher knowledge and lower knowledge, life and death, illusion and illumination and mortality and immortality.

Our suffering and bondage to ignorance and mortality is symbolically represented as Adam and Eve being cast away from heaven in the Biblical story of Genesis and philosophically explained as bondage to ignorance and earthly life in our Vedanta. The creation of two from one was the wish of the Self because it wanted to amuse itself by not being alone. From that single seed of thought ensued all creation as ripples in a pond in his own waters. The emergence of two out of one is the cause of our existence and also our problems of mortality and suffering. It is a puzzle or paradox we have to resolve by finding our source either by attaining the one (self realization) or the zero (nirvana).

My Interpretation is…

Dr. Usui went to Three places. He first starts at Home representing 0, Bhraman, The universal life force that created us all, also childhood and the fool card in tarot 0 (Kether on the tree of life also 10 Malkuth). He then went to the School, which is place 1 physically which is place 2, Wisdom on the tree of life, Then after that to India, which is place 2 and 3rd on the tree of life, (Chokmah) Understanding,. Then to the Mountain place 3 which, is also place 4, Daath hidden knowledge, on the Tree leading from Binah, also known as Understanding.

All this light work was taking place where Reiki is summoned from directly, Astrally,” as above so below,” above earthly sight and existence but below the surface of the higher Light realms.

This restoration of Reiki happened Within the hidden sephirot of Da’ath. (Kabbalistically) relating to the higher realms of divine Light. There was a divine force working astrologically without Dr. Usui’s awareness I believe, as to why such a significant number at this time of his life, and at this point of his life story.

3 cycles of 7 are equal to 21. The third stage of energy transforms at this stage/number and is a representation of the completion of the divine, Kether on the tree of life in the Kaballah, which is orally taught in ancient Jewish and Hindu scriptures (Vedas and Sephir Yetzirah).

7 times the vibration of initial understanding is equal to 21. Which is also the number of times OHM is chanted in the Aumkara (Ancient Hindu ceremony/ritual).

Dr. Usui was literally reborn on this day, 21 days after his sitting at the base of that mountain asking the questions of healing and its connection to the man and himself/ the entirety within the self.

21 in Astrology, to be born on this day in Zodiac Horoscope interpretation/astrology means that you will rule or establish a group… Reiki for Dr. Usui

Numbers are extremely powerful and we must be educated in the forces of color and Gematria in order to properly analyze and interpret hidden meanings within life.

Numbers help us to understand these (hidden) deeper meanings as we do when we read the ancient scriptures. Perhaps Dr. Usui was looking on the surface of man (Malkuth, the Kingdom/Earth on the Tree of Life) rather than diving deeper into the mysteries of man (Kethe,r Tree of Life) concerning the Known Vs. the Unknown…

Dr. Usui was educated but not enlightened like a guru is. He wasn’t connected to accessing (Akashi) hidden lessons that Hindu priests elsewhere in other towns may have offered him once he paid his dues in India. The Dr. was good at following his gut, and thus he followed, to the mountain where his guides sent him. He was on his own mission, not on a mission to follow someone who claimed to ”know” rather he knew inside it was first important to learn the scriptures and then, learn for himself through experience and specifically, self-enquiry (as Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi taught us also, so did Lord Shiva by their examples of living and denouncing of materialism.)

Mountains are extremely powerful energy sources. Most precious stones and rare stones are made within the compression and heat of mountains.

HISTORY Continued: Sorry, That was a lot of information I apologize. This is crucial information to understand how the stars were in alignment with the Dr.’s discovery.

21 days is how long Dr. Usui spent on Koriyama Mountain in Japan, and now he was growing weak. He was about to give up on his quest for wisdom, as he had not received any enlightenment.

Then, suddenly, as he was about to depart from his failed mission on the 21st day, he saw something unknown fly at him in the form of “pure light” he said. He projected this light object being hurled at him, sailing through the crisp mountain air, and then, smack! He was struck by that incoming light, and upon contact, knocked him unconscious. It is at this time that he received the secrets of our beloved, Universal life force and healing energy, Reiki. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you…

Dr. Usui now was an Astrological ordained Reiki therapist. Dr. Usui was given a lot of light at once, wasn’t he? Enlightened to a point of great knowledge. Knowledge most would have a hard time understanding and controlling.

Upon his descent from the mountain, he immediately began his great work and established many schools and clinics.

Dr. Usui’s “art of Reiki” was now becoming very popular and widespread throughout Japan and abroad at this time.

He worked with the most underprivileged at first. Dedicating the new schools within the slums of Kyoto, dedicating most of his time specifically to the homeless, many of which were also struggling with addiction and mental health issues. He was able to identify the root of the city’s problem and rather than ignore and shove aside this problem, he was able to find a solution. He approached Reiki with a selfless servitude, always willing to help until help was able to sustain itself based on results.

This proves that Reiki truly works, sort of like an enhanced, transcendental meditation only Reiki has a bit more torque to it.

The Problem with Reiki Enlightenment/Efficacy

We must remember that Dr.’s biggest problem with the homeless and Addicted community is one we at have also faced countless times trying to help the homeless and Portland Oregon's most vulnerable elderly, mentally ill, and addicts.

These People do not see the ability for change to occur in their lives. They have literally given up all hopes on their willpower for change. These minds will be completely unresponsive to any Reiki treatment at this stage of thought, as this form of thought/living creates a huge detriment to effective treatment.

If you don’t feel Reiki is real, or for you, it will not work.

Watching thousands of people benefit from Reiki versus psychology work is how was stimulated to help.

Our Reiki Therapist is a 3rd Generation Reiki Practitioner

Joshua’s Aunt is a Reiki practitioner as was her Mother. Together, has over 100 years of Reiki experience.

What Company is 501(c)(3), IRS-approved nonprofit that offers such a vast selection of products and services (that all relate), ordained Melchizedek Priest-holder, Reiki Certified, Recovery mentor/peer specialists, Chronic pain, Alternative medicine specialist, experienced in holistic wellness, Psychology, and alternative herbal addiction medicine treatment in Oregon who is not money ruled/reliant, and 100% empathetic to the cause of Trauma, Mental Health, and Addiction.

In ancient Hindu Vedas scriptures, they believe the snake is our selves, in Christianity it is Satan… Basically, we need to tame the snake. We should all at one point come to that discovery of self, the realization that we are powerless when we let go of our willpower to say NO.

Life is a test of our ability/inability to focus on what’s right versus what’s selfish and not quite okay. These actions are based on karmatic reciprocity. We must always remember that the path of Caine is also a valid path that some have chosen to take. We must accept that the Universal Light will as it always has, take care of its Creation, all of us children growing closer to the source as we selflessly explore life, seeking more and more light on top of the light.

Remember, Energy takes the path of least resistance, when we resist help, that help will pass us by… (carpe Diem)

Reiki is the path of least resistance to health and wellness.

History Continued:

As Reiki grew, the Dr. trained many of his students to help him. One specific aspiringly bright student was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (1878-1840). He was one of the Dr.’s star pupils.

Dr. Hayashi committed suicide…

We must remember that both Dr. Usui and Hayashi were not enlightened. It was said that they blossomed their lotus flowers too fast and caused premature death to occur based on an inability to handle the light and darkness.

Remember with great light comes great darkness. If we are untrained in the ways of light we may be overtaken by the darkness. Never turn your back on the ocean…

Hare ohm tat sat, hare ohm tat sat, hare ohm tat sat- Light is the only reality!

Sapientia Sapienti Dono Data, Arma Voces, Ora et Labora to set up an appointment or learn more about our services.

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